Videocon VS60B11 Typhoon Washing Machine Reviews

Among all the different devices that are there in the market, the washing machines of Videocon are really one of the best. They have got all the features that you need in a semi-automatic wash and are quite efficient for washing the garments of your kids. They really become dirty, especially when they return from the playgrounds. The latest semi-automatic model from Videocon can wash 6 kg of clothes at the same time and is having different features to give the experience of best wash to you. Explore the features of the device underneath and get the support from there on.


  • Typhoon plus is having the technology to remove all bacterial contents from the clothes you wash there. The machine as well as the clothes remain fresh there all the time.
  • You will get three washing modes in the system and along with that there is the collar scrubbing support and also the lint filter cabin for your support.
  • There is a water level indicator in the system and that is quite effective for your better wash as well as for the safety and measurement that you will need. Altogether there are five levels in the cisterns, marking the indication for the accurate water that you need for the weight of clothes you are going to put there.
  • The power consumption in the machine is of 400 watts and the wash motor that the wash machine motor consumes 340 watts.
  • Water bubble concept has been applied in this machine and that is making a real difference in the entire washing experience.
  • One of the rare technologies has been there in the device and that is to wash the clothes in 360 anglers. So a 3D effect of washing is waiting there for you.
  • Use of hard water is essential in case of washing clothes and that is ensured with this device in your home.


  • The best features of this device is going to make a real difference in the app and that is going to define the perfect washing experience for you.
  • You are going to experience the right way of washing and for that, you need to protect your clothes in an efficient way.
  • The method of scrubbing and use of hard water in the device is really awesome and that is going to wash your clothes in an effective way, especially those of your kids.


  • There is only one thing that is not good in the device and that is the anti-moisture effect.
  • There is to inbuilt anti-moisture effect introducer in the machine and that is the reason why the machine is not able to automatically rinse your clothes.


Washing machines from Videocon is really one of the best in the market. The customized features that are there in the device are so good that users, using the Videocon sets once, never changes the brand along with their washing machines. Experience the perfect way of manual washing with some of the latest technologies in this turbo device. You will soon find why this one is the best.