Refurbished Phone to buy

Buying refurbished phone can save you lots of money when buying a phone. There are many advantages why this is your best option when buying a phone other than the price, yet there are things you need to consider to ensure that you will enjoy using it.

Factory settings

When buying a phone as such, you have to make sure that there is absolutely no trace of old owner’s information on the phone. Factory setting can clear all the information on the phone, if you see traces of the old owner’s information on the phone you plan to purchase that indicates that the phone may not be safe to use or the phone is not completely refurbished.

If the phone has not been reset yet to factory settings and the seller is claiming that it is refurbished, you have to think twice and start to worry, the phone can either be recovered or stolen.

Refurbished Phone

Recurring charges

Check if there are applications and games still installed on the phone that occur monthly charges. Make sure that the only programs installed are those coming from the factory. You would not want to end up with a phone bill with humungous charges from somewhere you do not know exist.

On set, if you notice unauthorised charges or monthly fees, make sure to contact your mobile provider immediately.

Accessories that are factory issues

Make sure that accessories included on the phone you purchase are correct. If incorrect accessories or items are included, ask the seller immediately. Not correct accessories or necessary items will not make your phone work properly.

Warranty from provider or manufacturer

Warranty is important, ask the retailer who sells you the phone what type of warranty would you get along with your purchase. Phones are prone to many unavoidable circumstances like jolts, bruises, including dropping the phone to water. If the phone you are planning to buy was a victim of any of the circumstances provided, you want an assurance that it will get fixed or replaced free of charge.

If the shop does not provide warranty, you might want to look somewhere else.


As discussed earlier, a phone that is refurbished should be a lot cheaper than brand new ones. If the price the seller offers you is almost the same price as brand new, then might as well consider the latter instead. Needless to say, you can always negotiate and ask for better price. If the seller is firm with his expensive asking, better leave and go somewhere else.

Return policy

Ask the seller about their return policy. Not all shops allow return of phones, but others do at a limited time. Make sure that you ask them about this policy, if the shops decline return of goods, that is not a good indication of a good buy.

There is nothing wrong if you consider buying phones that are refurbished, it is beneficial in some point, you just have to make sure though that you follow the right tips and guidelines when buying.