Pregnancy is a biological process that is unique to women as they are the ones who have the super power to give life by carrying fetuses in their uterus until they finally give birth to a child. This gestation period is known to last for about nine months but could vary depending on the mother and some complications that she may acquire. Pregnancy itself comes with challenges such as the frequent antenatal visits and the swelling of body parts so much that you can be likened to a ball. However with that said it is the precious feeling that ignites that unconditional love in a person. You have heard that there is no stronger bond than that of a mother to her child.

Because of how precious some of these little moments are it is important to document your baby bump with a Pregnancy photography that can show your journey to giving life to another person. Having your heart walk beside you in your little infant. This article will seek to enlighten you on some of the considerations to keep in mind so as to have a beautiful maternity session.

Pregnancy photography

Book your session early in advance

Maybe you work during weekdays and you want to book a weekend shoot then it is important to book it early as most photographers have their schedules filled on the weekends. Also you need to take into consideration how your body feels if you wait too late into the pregnancy then you may be fatigued and be unable to produce sensational pictures of your belly. It will also give you time to know whether you want a studio shoot or an outdoor shoot that is taken using natural light. So since a lot goes into planning the maternity session you should start quite early to prevent yourself from having stress that could potentially harm the baby.

Coordination of outfits and comfort

You should pick outfits that give you comfort and are not strenuous on your body. Like this is not the time to put on some six inch heels and a bandage dress that does not allow proper air circulation in your body. The last thing you want is to faint while in the shoot it is therefore recommended that you put on a maxi dress or a free dress that has bold colors to the shoot. The bold color is because most the cloths that have patterns take away from the belly and may even blind it out. If you are bringing your partner along then try to coordinate your outfits together so that the picture comes out effortlessly.

maternity mom to be

Bare belly and beautiful bump

According to their own preferences some women prefer to take photos of their bare belly you should then ensure that you do not wear elastic clothes right before the shoot that may leave elastic marks on your belly. To also get a good view of the baby bump use accessories on the clothes that will accentuate your body and make the bump more visible such as belts.