Now individuals can power up their phone or laptop anywhere anytime, as this Romoss 10000mAH  mobile power bank runs on the Lithium-Ion battery thereby giving long-lasting power supply to your device and can charge up iPhone for about 5 times.

Key Specs of Romoss 10000mAh Power Bank

  • Ideally charge tablets, MP3, MP4, mobile phones and much more.
  • High capacity upto 10000mAh.
  • Spectacular sync charge.
  • Power conversion rate upto 85%.
  • Fast charge and self-charge.
  • Dual-output, charges 2 mobile devices at the same time.

Romoss MUI-PB52 10000mAh Power Bank Solo 5 White Review


  • Built in Fitcharge technology and is absolutely compatible with an assortment of MP3’s, MP4’s, smartphones, tablets and many other mobile devices.
  • Having a spectacular circuit within, its power conversion rate is higher than 85% and outputs 10% more of actual power into mobile devices than any other ordinary power bank having same capacity.
  • It simplifies your charging emergency as it can be charged and charge your device simultaneously.
  • Fast charge & fully safeguarded as it’s built-in 2.1A output allows it to charge your device faster than before.
  • Overcharge-proof, temperature protection, over discharge-proof, overvoltage-proof, short-circuit protection, overcurrent-proof and reset protection.
  • Automatically turns off when it is not in use for 60 seconds.
  • 4 built-in LED indicator lights illuminate orange when charging or self-charging that indicates the power levels.


  • Heavy weight and is not an ideal portable power bank.
  • Doesn’t work perfectly with the latest smartphones due to its huge power consumption.
  • Button to turn on the battery is very small and has poor ergonomics.

Final Review

Considering the amazing specs and pros that Romoss MUI-PB52 10000mAh Power bank Solo 5 White comes with it is certainly a best power bank to buy. It can be a hassle to use for the latest smartphone users as their devices consumes huge power every day but considering the fact that it has been priced affordably and offers many other great features compared to other models it is certainly a decent product to purchase!