Sydney is a place where people of a variety of tastes get their dream cuisines at an arm’s length. A city that never sleeps. In this city, if you name a food you get hundreds if not thousands of names who claim to provide you with the best of the best service in the entire city. The number of these joints are so high that you can’t possibly tell which one of them you should try out. Unless you are already aware of all the best restaurants in every area, you need some great suggestions. And who’s better to take the suggestion from than the one who has tasted everything.

Ordering pizza online

Pizza Joints:

Pizza is the only fast-food that could claim to be fastest to gain popularity. Many companies make a fortune just by selling pizza. This numbers should give an idea of how popular this dish is. You can almost know for sure if there is anybody who has never even tasted a pizza. If you Google pizza near me, you will get only the distance based results. You can also try some already established joints, but you will be missing out on the best local flavour of pizza. Some of the popular joints are Ataman Kebab and Pizza, Summer Bake, Treetop Cafe, Tropicana Cafe, Casa Ristorante Italiano, Corellis, Eggshellent, Rozzi’s Merrylands, Sapore Cafe Restaurant, Sienna Marina, Caminetto, Macchiato etc. One thing all these joints have in common is uniqueness in flavour. They are not some world based pizza giants that try to maintain universal taste. On the contrary, these tastes are unique to the joints.


If you are giving a treat or just willing to enjoy a simple meal, budget will always come into the equation. Different joints offer pizza at different prices and hence finding the pizza you’ll like in given amount is also a challenging task.



Pizza delivery in Sydney have never been so simpler. Foodora has this app that filters out the best pizza based on your likes, tastes and budget. Using the same data it also suggests the variants or joints near you which you can try out. This makes finding the best pizza amongst the swarm of options a child’s play. Once the order is placed, you can have the pizza delivered within 30 minutes. Such a quick turnaround time allows the customers to enjoy the pizza while they are still hungry and in the right mood. Combinations of all such features, ease of accessibility and delivery speed have made Foodora one of the most used apps for food lovers.

With Foodora, customers experience a huge improvement in the quality of the food they eat. It takes care of the smaller details for you so that you can focus on choosing your favourite pizza. All these factors have given Foodora one of the best rating and one of the most numbers of customer retention.