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The food industry and the marketing industry have made the best use of the Internet and the smartphone technology we have now. Since mobiles have become ubiquitous, we see ads that show us various vendors try to add something to our cart every day. The food joints are also trying to sell and deliver their edibles online. Even many of the popular fast food joints like pizza hut and Dominos have their special apps to serve the purpose.

One Stop Shop:

As mentioned earlier, there are many fast food joints and restaurants that have an online portal to take orders and do delivery. But it is not practical to have these many apps or remember these many websites. Moreover, it is absolutely not possible to know, what sells best in your locality. Foodora is the best solution to all these issues. They find a proper restaurant or fast food joint in your locality on the basis of the food you ordered. Foodora is a franchise expanding like no other company in this vertical due to their amazing customer service. They started with Sydney and now they have branches in Melbourne and Brisbane. Foodora’s mapping technology allows them to find the best food for you. This also makes it easy for ordering as the users have a single interface to reach out to. And if you have some favourites restaurants or something like that then you can continue to order from them using the same app. Foodora has something for everybody.

Ordering-Food-Online in sydney


If the food is taking too long then it is both non-appetizing and frustrating. Foodora takes care that the food is served to you ‘piping hot’. They try to deliver within 30 minutes and their track record shows that they were pretty successful in doing so at all times.

Everything under a hood:

When you order online it is highly recommended that you should use an engine that suggests you what else you can buy. Because most of the times we become blind to the other great options that are worth trying. Foodora’s suggestion makes it an even better app as compared to the normal online ordering apps. Customers here can engage with the app to get suggestions of what might taste the best at the moment or what is the popular hour of the meal. Foodora extends this suggestion ability to suggest amazing add-ons with the main course.


Although there are various kinds of food all around, Foodora seems to perform exceptionally well for some types. They are burgers, pizza, sushi, Australian food, Vietnamese food, Thai food, Indian food, American food and Italian food. They have a web portal which you can access anytime, they also have an app for all the mobile devices which you can use to get faster responses.

There are many more food delivery apps but Foodora is an exception because it takes care of the test rather than just taking an order and delivering it. Stats show that customer retention of Foodora is very high, which reinforces that fact that they are having a great time using it.