Onida WS65WLPT1LR Liliput Semi-Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Reviews

Washing machine is a section, where you are sure to get different alternatives at the same time. There are some of the automatic machines, where the timers are to be set and the machine will work accordingly. The rinsing is even supported there. There are the semi-automatic devices, where everything has to be conducted manually and the final one is the washer tub alone, where there are different functions, but all the things are meant for the washing. Among the different companies that are having their washing machines of 6 or 6.5 kg, Onida is having a washer supported device. Get through the features and you will understand why it is one of the handiest device.

Onida WS65WLPT1LR Liliput Washing Machine Reviews


  • The body of the machine is proof of rusting and it is having some of the eminent features that makes it even more efficient. The body is made of plastic and the control panel of the device is really compact.
  • There are only two wash programs in the machine and you will find that the machine or the tub for washing is bearing a handle too. So, it is perfectly for your laundry purpose.
  • Tangling of the clothes, that is often found in some of the washing machines is the reason why the clothes do crumble. You need a Hydrologic system to get rid of that. In this Onida tub, you will get the right feature built in that and that is going to give you the perfect support of cleaning all your clothes at a time.
  • The best thing in the entire thing is the power cut short. Where you will not get any washing machine of 6 kg capacity, that is having a wattage less than 400 watts, this one is having a wattage of only 270. So you are going to save the power consumptions quite effectively.


  • The sleek figure of the washing tub and the hydrologic system of the device are the two key points that makes it different from all others of 6 KG capacity.
  • The body of the machine is shock proof and the control panel of the device is smart and short, both of the things makes the system easy and handy for your access.


  • There is no moisture controlling element in the machine and apart from that, there is no rinsing support in the device.
  • These are the two things that keeps the device in the back foot.


Onida sets are always the best on in the market and they are all time efficient in terms of power saving and performance. These two things are always there attached with Onida. You are going to get them for sure and the best thing is that the device is available online now. You can check out the different reviews of the device and have the same for your, directly delivered at your home. Make the best of the device as this will fulfil your basic requirement quite well. Special discount is added with it for the festive moments.