myths of infrared sauna

The world is really going crazy with technology! Technology has really enhanced and impacted greatly various phases of our lives. The advanced one was this Finland-originated discovery about saunas. Saunas are now found in many countries worldwide, and they continue to gain more popularity in the whole world. As-usual, every high impact high kind of technology must be surrounded by critics and myths that create doubt in the mind of consumers or those aspiring to purchase them. So were saunas not spare too from such malicious myths.

infrared sauna

Some of the Major Myths Include:

  1. They are safe for everyone.

This is not true at all. Sauna are safe only for people who are not having any medical conditions. This is because saunas tend to boost the heart rate which drops eventually. This heart rate dropping results into muscle relaxing and stopping of the blood pressure. This in return leads to restricted blood flow rate to the heart. Therefore, People who have the following conditions cannot use saunas:

  • Acute heart problems
  • Pregnancy that is at the first trimester.
  • Ingestion of alcohol just before sauna.
  • Certain skin conditions like people with atopic dermatitis
  • females who are still trying to conceive
  • Taking blood thinners
  1. You have to stay in the Sauna as long as you want to benefit from it.

The recommended time for a person to stay in the sauna is 30 minutes, regardless of the number of breaks that you intend to take. This is because the excessive use of saunas can lead to abnormal heart rhythms. It can also lead to dehydration.

  1. Using Infrared sauna helps you to lose weight.

While using a sauna, yes it is true that you lose some few pounds. This is the water weight that you lose which results from sweating because of exposure to heat (dehydration). It must be understood that this water loss does not lead to muscle build-up which is essential for fitness. therefore, sauna alone cannot help you get into fitness. It must be incorporated with the right diet and the relevant exercises that help in the building up of muscles.

infrared sauna myths

  1. You can get the best quality infrared saunas just at half the cost!

Is a Toyota engine as safe as a BMW engine? Of-course not. The same way, a $3000 sauna can never be equivalent to a $1500 sauna. Cheap saunas are made from materials that are low end in quality. These materials are always less effective for the health benefits and always result to high repair costs or replacements, overtime. As it is said, you always get what you pay for. Low-end saunas are mostly less than 70% efficient in the production of the infrared heat. If you want to buy a sauna for the purposes of health benefits, the advice is that you don’t go for the cheaper ones.


Despite all the above myths, saunas continue to boast of their massive health benefits that they offer. Due to this, it is inevitable for any person who wants these benefits to purchase it. Always go for the best quality infrared sauna and stay in for 30 minutes at most. Don’t prioritize weight loss to the use of saunas, and finally, remember to consult your doctor first if you have any medical condition.

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