There is quite a bit of excitement and perhaps even hype surrounding chocolate diamonds. It is a huge and growing market. As it happens in such a growing market, along with facts there also are myths surrounding these chocolate diamonds. Hence we will try and separate the grain from the chaff as far as the truth surrounding chocolate diamonds are concerned.

They Are Of Recent Origin

Contrary to popular belief, it would be pertinent to mention here that diamonds that are chocolate in color and hue are perhaps of a recent origin as far as fashion designing and jewelry making is concerned. According to some estimates, they must be around four or five decades old. This is a small period of time considering the overall history and growth of diamond as a means of making jewelry.

chocolate diamonds

Used For Industrial Purposes

It would be pertinent to mention here that brown colored diamonds have been used only for industrial purposes. It was considered to be cheap in quality and it is indeed surprising that it has moved beyond industries and factories and found a place in the wardrobe of fashion conscious women. They were not desired commercially because the fascination and liking were more towards white and colorless diamonds. Hence, industrial use was the major requirements as far as these brown colored diamonds are concerned.

They Were Abundantly Mined

Brown colored diamonds had a dull color and were full of inclusions. Inclusions are the impurities that get embedded into the diamonds during its formation process. These inclusions act as natural barriers for light penetration and therefore the full sparkle of diamonds may not be visible with all colored diamonds in general and brown colored diamonds in particular. Because of the reasonably large quantities available, the value and worth of brown colored diamonds were not understood even a few decades back. They were often written off and relegated and industrial use diamonds and it was not much sought after.

The Changes Happened In 2002

The credit for brown diamond becoming chocolate diamond perhaps started only in 2002. The credit for this is often given to one firm by the name Li Vian. They came out with a sparkling marketing plan and got into the job of changing the perception about these diamonds. They started polishing and cutting brown diamonds but started naming them as chocolates. Though it took some time and effort, the perceptions started changing slowly. The role of big celebrities was also important when it came to changing perceptions and attitudes. They started endorsing their brown colored diamonds and this led to the gradual increase in the demand for these diamonds.

Li Vian also started the work of grading these chocolate colored diamonds and started looking for brown colored diamonds which feel into the c4-c7 color range category. This is something which turned the demand of this class diamond literally upside down. From being considered as a cheap industrial diamond, there were thousands of customers who were queuing up for buying this new found classy diamond.

chocolate diamonds

It May Not Be Worth The Price At Which It Is Sold

It would be pertinent to mention here that the actual price being charged for these brown colored diamonds is much more than the value it actually gives. The white diamonds are colorless diamonds are considered to be much better as far as purity and longevity are concerned. This is mainly because chocolate colored diamonds in particular and other colored diamonds, in general, are known for their inclusions and therefore they are not as durable and long-lasting as other white and colorless diamond. They are also graded much lower as far as the grading systems of diamonds are concerned.

Why Chocolate Colored Diamonds Cost More?

It would be pertinent to mention here that chocolate colored diamonds cost more than other colored diamonds. This is because these are classified as designer diamonds and it has quite a bit of hard work going behind it. It is polished, cut and shaped accordingly and this certainly adds to the overall cost of these diamonds.

Therefore it would be not right to believe that chocolate colored diamonds are the best when it comes to quality, durability, and longevity. Yes, it has quite a big perception value attached to it and that is what makes it different from other diamonds