LG P7853R3SA Semi-Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Reviews

Among all the electronic gadgets that you need, washing machine is one of the most important one for your household activities. Among all the different brands that are there in your list, LG is one,  that is really attractive with the features and the competitive price of it. The latest model from the brand is effective for washing the clothes of your kids, especially those that are with deep strains. Get through the different features, pros and cons of the machine and have that with you. The attractive features are all bundled for you in this device, the Punch + 3 Pulsator.

LG P7853R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Reviews


Here are some of the effective features that are there in the washing machine. You can have that in the most effective way, introduced in the product.

  • Pulsator

There is one main pulsator in the device and other than that there are three more pulsators. The four things together make the washing cycle for your clothes. The water stream that is flown in the chamber is made to flow at a certain pace, through this washing pulsators and that is quite effective to clean your clothes.

  • Programs installed

There are three sets of programs that are set in the device. The first one is strong, followed by gentle and normal. You can easily customize the option for the better support.

  • Soaking

There is also the soaking facility in the machine. There is one mechanism in the machine that will allow you to rinse the dirty clothes for 20-25 minutes in the soaking cabinet. These helps to loosen the dust particle, which is to be washed away with the dirt.

  • Collar wash

Special collar scrubber facility is also there in the machine. You can manually use that to scrub the collars and experience a better wash.

  • Remove moisture

The machine is having a technology, with the help of which you can remove the moisture from the clothes and hence it is effective in drying the clothes at the best.

  • Buzzer

There is no need to keep an eye on the watch. The buzzer installed in the machine will give you the alarm at the given time.


  • The machine is ideal for you, if you are willing to have one that is to be operated manually.
  • There is every option to customize all the functions and even to make the collar wash by you.
  • Available online at a discounted rate.


  • The major cons of the device are that it is having no automatic drying phenomenon installed in it.
  • You are going to get the best support from the machine, if you are willing to take support manually from it.


LG machines are always of good quality. They are tested in the labs and are perfect to be used in the manual washes. The device is now available online at a rate with proper discount. Thus take care of the service and get through the device manuals. You are going to get the right support in all possible ways and that is going to give you the best experience.