IFB Fully Automatic Front Load (Elena Aqua SX) Reviews

We are residing in an era where there is no life without technology. Every aspect is done with the help of technology at some or the other point. Everything has been taken over by technology be it a simple task of reading books or a tiring task of washing clothes.Coming to washing of clothes, with the help of technology washing machines were invented which serve us really well. We do not have to strain ourselves with this tedious task. As the time is passing even the washing machines are being enhanced and new features are being introduced. At present there are various types of washing machines with various features.

IFB Fully Automatic Front Load (Elena Aqua SX) Reviews

Elena Aqua SX

Elena Aqua SX suffuses freshness and sparkle into your garments and provides them the perfect wash that they are worthy of. Its Aqua Energie feature turns hard water to soft that liquefies the detergent well and extends the life of your washing machine. Elena Aqua SX, with its silver polish, is equipped with 1000RPM that dries up your clothes quickly. Some of the main and essential features are:

  • 2D Shower System

It augments dynamic movement to the water. A distinct water system with nozzles mixes the water 360° in the drum. The detergent softens 100% and infiltrates the garments deeper for a cleaner wash. During rinsing, fresh water enters deep into the garments to wash off all bits of detergent.

  • Laundry Add

This feature allows you to add clothes even after wash cycle has initiated.

  • Foam Control System

It spontaneously senses the creation of foam and triggers a dilution system to liquefy the excessive foam. It helps preserve the quality of the wash.

  • Protective Rat Mesh

This is an extra cover beneath the machine shields against probable harm caused by rodents.

  • Aqua Energie

The life and the performance of the machine are improvised due to the presence of Aqua filter which softens the hard water.


  • The feature of rapid wash allows the user to quickly wash the clothes and reduces the wash time by 40%.
  • There is a feature of Spin speed which is of 1000 RPM.
  • Protective rat mesh which protects the machine and wires from the rodents.
  • The machine utilizes less amount of water.
  • The clothes come out clean without any blemish and with a good smell and there is no detergent residue.


  • There is no issue with the washing machine as such except for the fact that, that the IFB service centres do not provide efficient service in some parts of India.


The IFB Elena Aqua SX is a mid-range washing machine. The price that is fixed for this machine is extremely affordable and reasonable. The build is of a robust quality and the machine comes with a guarantee of 4 years. The machine being fully automatic, you do not have to do much work to start the task. Most of the users who bought this washing machine were content with the wash quality. The only worry upraised by users was the services delivered by IFB which differs from locality to locality. To conclude, this is a nice machine to go for!