IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine Reviews

We are in an era where there are various sorts of inventions and most of them are related to technology. We are in a world where without technology almost every errand of ours will seize functioning. Be it carrying books or washing clothes everything has been replaced by machines or technologically based elements. Washing machine is one such invention of technology which is a boon to the mankind. Now as the time is passing by the types of washing machines have been increasing. Now there are more sorts of washing equipment than you can imagine!

IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine Reviews

Senorita Aqua SX – 6.5 kg

The Senorita Aqua SX not only provides the clothes a perfect wash but its 3D wash technology gets rid of blemishes with ultimate persistence. It comes in a dashing silver texture; its amplified capacity takes care of huge laundries with subtlety. This washing machine has various features and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Aqua Energie

A special built in aqua filter, purifies the hard water by breaking the bi-carbonates. Thus, the water is apt for washing the clothes.

  • 3D Wash System

It supplements active movement to the water and confirms that you get a spotless and fresh wash for your garments anytime. It has a distinct water system with nozzles that makes the water 360° circulate in the drum.

  • Crescent Moon Drum

The crescent moon designed shape on the inner drum guards the outfits throughout the wash. Water curves up in a swoosh pattern and averts the garments from rubbing alongside the partition of the steel drum.

  • Auto Imbalance System

If the wash load is disproportionately spread, the washing machine will re-allocate the load to equalise the balance it inside the drum.

  • Protective Rat Mesh

A bonus protection at the bottom of the machine is provided which shields against possible harm caused by rodents.


  • Due to the auto balance system, you can keep adding new clothes in between the wash and the machine will balance the load, and provide a thorough wash.
  • Due to various features like aqua filter, 3D wash system and etc. the clothes are washed with care and also they are extremely clean.
  • Wires cannot be damaged by rats due to the rat mesh.
  • The noise generated is very low and there is a child lock.


  • There is only generic and common design, and the machines cannot be availed in various colours.
  • In some parts of India the IFB services centres do not provide good service.


Priced at around Rs. 35000, this washing machine has various features like aqua filter, 3D wash, auto imbalance system, crescent moon drum, rat mesh and etc. Most of the times fully-automatic front loading washing machines are rated between Rs.20000 to Rs.75000, therefore, if you are eyeing for a mid-high range multi-purpose and durable washing machine, then this might be a good option for you as the features are more advantageous, the pros are enticing and the cons are very little that they can be ignored. This is the washing machine you can go for without giving a second thought!