It is quite possible that for many of us the term MRE meals could be something that we might have just heard about it.  However it is quite possible that not many of us would have had the right information and knowledge about either MRE meals or XMRE meals. XMRE meals are the same as MRE meals but they could have more variety and the calorie counts could be higher when compared to MRE meals. It would be pertinent to mention here that the first MRE meals perhaps were designed for astronauts who had to spend quite a few days in outer space. In fact it was specially designed for spaceships where it is common to see astronauts spending a few months or even a year or so. Under such circumstances, it is quite possible that they would not be in a position to eat the kind of food which we eat. This resulted in designing of pre-cooked foods which are packed using special materials. They are designed to stay fresh and nutritious for many years and in many cases also for many decades. In cool conditions and in good storage conditions, it is common to see these MRE meals remain in good condition for even 10 years and more.

xmre meals ready to eat

The Military

Once the benefits of these meal packs were proven beyond doubt by astronauts, it was extended to the military. The U.S army started using these MRE meals for their combat soldiers and also for forces who had to stay away from their homeland in some tough, demanding and notorious enemy lines. In such places it was impossible to get two square meals a day from local sources. The ingredients procured from enemy lines would be a sure shot to disaster even if they were available. Hence gradually the U.S armed forced decided that going in for MRE meals could be the best choice. These meals are known for their nutrition contents and also are also quite tasty and palatable. They were not so around a couple of years back. But with new technologies and new packing techniques it is now possible to come out with tasty pre cooked MRE meals made from beef, pork, chicken and other such main ingredients.

The Civilians

There is no doubt that today these MRE meals are also becoming quite popular amongst thousands of civilians because of some obvious reasons. There are many who undertake adventure trips each year and for them there is no doubt that these MRE meals comes in very handy. They could help in staying fit and healthy without having to take recourse to cooking which would be almost impossible in such hostile and difficult conditions. These meal packs come with the right mix of carbohydrates, proteins and other such essential macro and micro nutrients. They are good enough to meet the calorie requirements of those who are active during such adventure trips.

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They Are Easy To Use

If we look at the history of these MRE meals, there are quite a few reasons as to why they could be considered different from others. Whether you are in a combat zone as a military soldier trying to make your way through enemy lines or whether you are in a desolated forest surroundings trying to protect yourselves from the elements of nature, there are reasons to believe that these MRE meal packs could make a big difference.

The Future Of MRE Meals

Now that we have some idée about the reasons for choosing MRE meals it would be interesting to have a brief idea as to where these kinds of meal packages are headed. They certainly have a big future because of the various advantages and benefits associated with it. For example, you could have situations, where you may have people travelling to the moon as we do so today from one country to another. In such situations, there certainly will be a big demand for these MRE meals. However, there needs to be some relook at the kind of rates at which they are being sold. Today the rate of around $8 to $10 per meal is quite high. Therefore something must be done about it before it becomes more affordable and within the reach of the common man.