Godrej GWS6203PPD Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Reviews

Among all the brands that manufacture and sell the electronic devices, Godrej is one of the best. The parts and the materials that are used in the Godrej machine is not the average one but the ultimate best one. apart from that, there is the excellent mechanism of the devices that makes it different from all the other ones. The latest washing machine of 6.3 kg from Godrej is an efficient one. It is better to go for the availability of the machine, after an overview through the features of the machine. A detailed study of the same is here for you, including the pros and the cons.

Godrej GWS6203PPD Semi-Automatic Washing Machine


  • Among all the things to be checked, you will be looking at the performance of the machine first. The machine is having a latest technology in it and that is water force optima. So it is going to give the best water force in the entire device and that is going to make the difference in the real sense.
  • There are two tubs in the device and that is supported with a transparent lid too. The body of the device is made of Polypropylene and hence is rust proof too.
  • The application is really easy to be used, especially for the reason that there are only two systems to be used in the device. The first one is a spin shower and the second one is the drier that is attached with the device.
  • The system is not an automatic one. So, you cannot make the system run in a way that it will automatically stop after a time. However, the problem is not there. It will give you an alarm for switching off the device.
  • The device is also great in terms of power saving. Unlike the other devices, it does not consume 400 watts but only 300 watts.


  • It consumes less power, works great with only two options to control the device and even rinses the clothes from the second tub.
  • If all the things are added, you will find that this one is sure one among all best washing machines that carries 6.2 kg load.
  • The device is also handy and the body is proof of rusting.


  • You cannot control the water level in the device.
  • There is no marking; hence you will not be able to understand the real water mark.


Godrej is one of the top companies in India and it has the products of perfect standard. You will get the support of the devices in the best possible way for your household purpose and in all condition, it works great. Now the device is available online and you can get that with Bank EMI too. So get the support instantly and own the product in this festive season. You will get some additional discounts in the store too.