Godrej 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine  (WT 600C) Review

The Godrej WT 600C is a competitive washing machine with 6 kg loading capacity. This machine is designed with three water levels and three washing programs technology which provide you the best cleaning efficiency. Godrej is the only product which has invented the flexible washing technology in the market and now you can select the water level as per your needs or nature of your clothes. The separate level of three different washing programs can ensure the best cleaning possibility and it can clean any type of tough stains from your clothes. So now you can stay clean and fulfill your regular laundry needs by this washing machine within few minutes only.

Godrej WT600C Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine REviews


  • The Godrej WT 600C washing machine is a fully top loaded machine with large loading capacity
  • Loading capacity of this machine is 6 kg.
  • Maximum spin speed: 700 rpm
  • Power consumption level of this machine is 425 W.
  • Three wash programs
  • Three water levels
  • 2 years warranty on full body provided by company (as per the company norms).
  • Free installation and demonstration service provided by the company professionals.
  • You can use hot and cold water for your cleaning or washing purposes.
  • Auto power off / automatic restart and auto balance system
  • Full plastic body and plastic window

This is a fully automatic turbo technology washing machine which is designed with a powerful pulsator. The high speed spin can remove any stain from the clothes and it can provide you with the fastest washing solutions. You can save your water consumption level by three layers water technology and you can also clean any type of clothes through three wash technologies. You can wash huge number of clothes in this machine because it has a large loading capacity.


  • Full automated washing technology
  • Hard and durable plastic body
  • Three level flexible water technology
  • Low power consumption level
  • Full body warranty provided by the company
  • You can use or select the three different level of washing programs for cleaning your clothes as per their fabric or texture
  • High-speed pulsator can improve the cleaning process and prevent damages to your clothes
  • Most affordable product


  • Plastic body does not resist any external scratches
  • It needs extra time for cleaning
  • It does not have any digital display or LED navigation for smooth operation


So now you can easily wash your daily clothes in the Godrej WT 600C washing machine and it can provide you the ultimate cleaning solutions for your clothes. It can prevent wrinkles and damages to your clothes. To remove tough stains on the clothes, it is necessary to opt for a high speed pulsator washing machine and this product can easily remove these types of stains within few seconds only. The three layer water and washing technology increase the performance level of this machine. Now you can stay clean and hygienic if you buy Godrej WT 600C and fulfill your daily laundry needs.