features to look in air conditioner

Air conditioners are one of the best inventions in today’s day and age. An AC keeps your room cool and comfortable in the warm months of summer and lets you beat the summer heat quite easily. Air conditioners come in a number of different sizes and in a variety of different styles as well. AC’s are usually known to have a long shelf life and the better the quality of the AC the longer it will be likely to last in your home. To know more about what you should look for when buying an air conditioner, read on.


Variable Speed Fan

A variable speed fan is something that your AC needs to have if it is to run in your home for a long time to come. Ideally the machine should not be having more than three settings. The variable speed fan helps in controlling framework efficiencies and commotion levels.

24 Hour Timer

The AC that you buy should also have a 24 hour timer if it is to function automatically and with a great degree of efficiency. The units that come with 12 hour timers are not worth buying at all as these are certain to go bad at some point or the other.

Prominent Electronic Controls

When you buy an AC you need to make sure that the electronic controls are prominently displayed. A prominent digital display will help you manipulate the controls easily on your own and you can increase or reduce the temperature at your own free will.

Good Energy Star Rating

The energy star rating of the air conditioner is something that you definitely need to pay attention to if you want to save money on power bills at the end of the month. The higher the energy star rating the lower the power the AC will be likely to consume.

Warranty Policy

You need to make sure that the AC you buy is one that comes with a warranty at the time of purchase. The warranty will help you to get the components of the AC repaired for free for a stipulated period of time, and it can also be renewed for an even longer time period.

Air Purifiers & Channels that are Easy to Clean

The air purifiers and channels of the AC which you purchase should be quite easy to clean. You need to search for the launderable channels in place of the replaceable ones as these are known to function way more proficiently than channels which are difficult to remove and clean.

features to look in air conditioner

Quiet Mode

Ideally the AC which you end up buying ought to be one that runs on quiet mode. The commotion level of the AC is an extremely important area that needs to be considered by AC buyers. The perfect AC is one where the different units operate by generating just a mere whisper rather than a loud sound.

Thus, by taking the above mentioned features into consideration, you can definitely end up buying the best air conditioning system to meet your home cooling requirements in the hot summer months. After buying a best air conditioning system it’s important to hire professionals to install. Temper Troops provide the reliable and affordable services for all the air conditioning services in Sunshine Coast, Australia. Also check how to set your thermostat right to save money and energy.