The electric reclining chairs are following a specific movement cycle right from standing to the upright moment while sitting and then back to the elevation of leg position and giving it perfect rest position. Some types of the electric recliner chairs are also offering few other movement options which are depending on the type of motor used for it.

Types of Recliner Chairs

Basic Types of Recliner Chairs

The following are different types of the electric reclining chairs.

  1. The Single Motor Recliners

The single motor reclining chairs are operated with a single motor and are having couple of options i.e. recline action and combined riser. The footrest is rising automatically for the support of the legs in the recline option at a specific angle of 45 degrees. This position is perfect while you are watching Television.

  1. The Dual Motor Recliners

The dual motor electric recliner chairs are having two motors for its operation and are delivering the back action and footrest autonomously offering you more flexibility when it comes to the positioning. For instance, with dual motor recliners you are able to sit upright and then choose whether to elevate your legs or not? These recliners are also able to get flat like the bed.

recliner chair

Positions of the Recliner Chairs

There are numerous features of the electric recliners. Some of the main features are explained below in detail.

  • Tilt in the Space: This is the position of the recliner at which instead of the backrest is separated from the seat or a gap is created, the entire chair is simply tipped in the backward direction and the seating position is maintained. The tilt in the space is very popular choice. The position is not shearing or rubbing the back and the body position can be elevated above the hips area, therefore the position is famous and of great use. The position is very suitable for those who are having neck problems or the poor trunk control because this position is giving great support to the pelvis area.
  • The Wally Hugging: In case if you are short of space in your house or room then the wall hugging position is the best fit. Instead you are reclining the chair in backward position, the wall hugging position is moving forward the recliner. This position can be easily implemented in a small room having a space of about 10cm/4inches away from the wall. However, the position is requiring more space from the front.

The Controls of the Electric Recliner Chairs

The position of the reclining chairs can be changed while standing, sitting, and reclining as well with the use of the hand operated controls i.e. buttons. However, the controls are varying among different models. Some of the models are having lights which are easy to use while it’s dark, while some are having large buttons having LEDs which are giving up lights when it’s dark. The single motor recliners are having small control panels while the dual motor recliners are having 5 buttons or more. The control of the recliners largely depends on the type of recliner.

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