Electrolux 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine  (ET70ENERM) Reviews

If you are looking for a top loading washing machine for your laundry needs then Electrolux ET70ENERM is the best product for you. The nifty controlling system and backlit control power of this machine provide you with the ultimate cleaning and washing solutions. The large LED display ensures smooth operation and you just need to put your clothes in this machine and switch on the mode of different applications. Then the machine will wash your clothes automatically. The high-speed wheel and spin capacity of this machine perform as tornado and remove any type of stains from your clothes, within few minutes only.

Electrolux ET70ENERM Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Reviews


  • Electrolux ET70ENERM is a fully automatic loaded washing machine with top loading capacity
  • Power consumption level of this machine is 390 W only.
  • Capacity of this machine is 7 kg and you can wash huge amount of clothes at a time
  • Maximum spin speed: 850 rpm
  • Euro turbo pulsator can enable the ultimate cleaning solution
  • Digital LED display provides easy operation mode
  • Nine wash programs can easily remove stains and rust from the clothes
  • Two years warranty provided by the company (as per the company norms)
  • Free installation and demonstration provided by the company professionals

Electrolux is one of the top electronic brands in the market and this washing machine is designed with an ingenious technology which can provide better cleaning solutions. It requires less water and also reduces your monthly power consumption level. You can wash maximum clothes at a time because this machine has huge loading capacity up to 7 kg. The large LED display navigation of this washing machine enables easy operation mode and you need lees detergent powder also.

Free installation and demonstration services are provided by the company and it is suggested that do not unpack the machine after delivery. The company professionals will reach your destination and unpack and install the machine in a proper way.


  • This washing machine has huge loading capacity
  • You can clean maximum number of clothes at a time
  • The latest nifty and back light control technology enable smooth and complete cleaning process
  • Metallic color and affordable price range
  • Large LED display: easy to operate and navigate
  • Fully automatic functions and less water consumption
  • 2 years warranty provided by company
  • 5 mini pulsators with a centralized pulsator can provide powerful washing technology


  • Company is not liable for any physical damage during delivery or self installation
  • Less servicing centre
  • Does not have any in-built stabilizer for power fluctuation


The Electrolux ET70ENERM is one of the best products in the market and it has large loading capacity. If you need a washing machine for your total laundry needs then this one is the best product for you. The powerful micro current in the drum of this machine can perform well and it can provide stainless and wrinkle free cleaning solutions. It can prevent any type of damages to your clothes and you can easily operate this machine through the LED display. So now you can stay relaxed and clean your clothes with the Electrolux ET70ENERM.