You may be in trade, marketing, retail, or consulting business, but you can always find take advantage of a 1300 number. Also called a local call number, an Australian 1300 number is one of the most popular communication solutions currently available to Australian businesses. Just have it set up and you will be able to receive calls from your customers and clients. Many people think they can achieve the same by using other telephony solutions, so why to use a 1300 number instead. Well, here are some reasons why your business needs it.

It Helps Attract Good Paying Customers

It is true that you can use many online channels free of cost, but then you will have to deal with bogus queries as well. This is why you will be better off putting your money on a shared cost number like 1300 number. The use of these numbers deters unwanted callers and helps you get calls from customers who are serious and willing to pay to establish a business relation with you.

It Lets You Use Several Additional Services

By buying a 1300 number, you can take advantage of many additional features. If you are worried about any bogus calls, you can use call barring features and block any calls not coming from your areas of operation. You can gain access to a Voice Prompt IVR menu and use features like auto attendant, call forwarding, and automated reception. You can also use live answering services and have a fully customized business intro delivered to your caller every time they call you. Similarly, you can get many other services, including call routing, voice2email, and so on.

It Boosts Your Professional Credibility

As these numbers are recognized nationally, they let your caller know that they are dealing with a credible, trustworthy, and professional service provider. Interestingly, you can use a 1300 number to establish your business identity – it can be done by selecting a number that corresponds to specific letters that spell out your brand name. This also ensures that your customers do not forget your number.

It is a Cost-Effective Communication Solution

It is true that dialing a 1300 number is not free, but your callers are only going to pay a local call rate.  You may have to spend some extra cash to use additional services to support your business operations. Considering the full range of services you get, you will realize that using a simple 1300 numbers is a more reasonable option than using other communication modes.

It Helps Improve Productivity

By opting for a 1300 number, you will be able to increase productivity and improve customer support. You can take advantage of your 1300 number routing configuration and stay connected to work all the time. You can have your calls redirected to an after-hours answering service or your staff to ensure that your customers receive prompt reply. This feature also helps you maintain a balance between your work and personal life.