BOSCH WAK20160IN iQ300 Front Loader Washing Machine Reviews

In this era of technology everything invented and created is always helpful if used in the right manner. Every task of ours will come to an end if there is no help of technology, at some point or the other technology is used in every task performed. Amongst the various inventions washing machines is one of the inventions, that is really a blessing to the mankind! Now with the advancement of technology the washing machines are also being enhanced and they now come with various features that we would have only dreamt of before. The washing machines now come in various varieties and one of them is mentioned below.

BOSCH WAK20160IN iQ300 Front Loader Reviews

WAK20160IN iQ300 Front Loader

The solution to increasing the mountain of unclean laundry is Bosch fully automatic washing machine. These front loading washing machines with its 7kg wash load capability and allows you wash all your clothes in one go or numerous lots. It comes with a Vario Drum that smoothly but meticulously launders all your garments, giving your polished, sparkling and fresh-smelling clothes. Some of the features are mentioned below:

  • Active Water

This is one of the impressive features as it adjusts the water level by sensing the amount of load. In fact, it decreases the water usage that benefits in the reduction of the power consumption. Not just that, it uses hot water to comprehensively to eliminate the detergent deposit inside the wash drum and increases the life of the machine.

  • Anti-Vibration Design

Now sleep tranquilly when the washing machine works during the night without much noise. The Anti-Vibration Design of Bosch washing machines lessen the vibrations throughout the spin cycle and are structured to ensure the machine does not quiver when in action.

  • Time Delay 24hrs

The Time Delay 24hrs utility allows you to postpone the wash cycle between 1 to 24 hours, so you do not have to wait for it to get over. You can fix the time and defer the wash cycle to give the clean laundry, when you need it.


  • The anti-vibration system is a boon as it lets you take a peaceful nap even while you are washing the clothes.
  • It offers timed washes like 15 minutes wash, 30 minutes wash and etc.
  • They have the drum cleaning mode.
  • It alerts the user when there is unbalanced distribution of the clothes in the machine.
  • There is volt check system which observes the electric supply and various systems designed to check the water level.


  • The only undesirable aspect was the level of Bosch customer service when one client observed that Bosch had definite setting up within two days, but in actuality they showed up after 4 days for installation.


All in all there is nothing but respectable review about the Bosch WAK20160IN washing machine. It has functioned perfectly for everyone who has tried it. It has various features that help in washing the clothes in a clean and fast way. The clothes that are washed with the help of this come out with a refreshing smell and without any blemish.

The purchasers do not have to worry about any sort of defect when they have purchased this machine as they are manufactured with efficiency. The price that has been quoted for this machine is also extremely rational and reasonable as it provides every sort of modern facility.