Best Washing Machine Reviews in India 2019 – Top Picks & In-Depth Comparison

Looking for the best washing machine in India ? Our list of washing machines has the names of the major brands with a wide range of features and price i. e. from cheapest one to the most expensive machine. So you have a lot of options to choose from as suits your requirement and budget. Check below for the different types of available washing machines and their features and their pros and cons mentioned in detail. Read the below details to find out which type of washing machine best suits your need.

Different Types Of Portable Washing Machines Available In India

As mentioned earlier that the washing machine is sometimes stated as the greatest invention in the world and people finds it more useful than the internet, so since its inception in the market, washing machines have gone through several changes and up gradation to offer the best service and luxury. The basic function of washing machine was to clean the clothes which have been now evolved to different other feature like you can now both clean and dry your clothes in the washing machine itself.

Just image, during rainy seasons it used to be very difficult to dry out clothes after washing but now you can simply dry them in the washing machine after cleaning. From the basic washing and cleaning, today’s washing machines are much more upgraded with different features and facilities. The various types of washing machine available now in the market with different features, let’s find out the different washing machines available in the Indian market: –

  • Semi-Automatic

Semi-automatic machines are the most common washing machine models used widely in India and it is also the cheapest one. As you can guess from the name that it is partially automatic so it requires some manual effort for the completion of the job. It may need some of your valuable time for the washing process but you don’t need to stand near the machine for the complete duration. You need to fill the required amount of water in the machine with the best proportion of detergents and turn on the machine and after the washing is completed, you need to recycle the water for further cleaning.

The biggest advantage of semi-automatic machines is that it is usually light weight and can easily be moved around in the house. As the operation partially depended on your hand, you can save a lot of water and have efficient use of the washing powders. This type of washing machines are basically top loaded and comes with two different chambers, one for washing and cleaning and another for drying purposes. The semi-automatic washing machine requires less maintenance and the maintenance cost is also very low.

In the semi-automatic category also there are different machines available with different features and facilities. Compare the features as per your requirement as it will serve you for a long time.

  In fully automatic washing machine, you don’t need to do anything other than putting the clothes in the machine and turning it on. It doesn’t require any kind of intervention from our end. As in this fast running world we are getting busier with every passing day and saving a minute is much precious. A fully automatic washing machine works completely on its own. Buying a washing machine includes a good amount of investment so it is suggested to invest in the best place after evaluating all kind of pros and cons. Fully automatic machines come in both front loading and top loading models and it washes, cleans, dry the clothes everything by its own including the water management. It takes the required amount of water by its own, drains the same when washing is completed.

It is the best choice if you not want to dedicate your much valuable time in washing clothes. In this busy life, it is a boon to our society. You might need to invest some more in fully automatic machines but after using the same you will find that it worth investing here.

Along with all kind of advantages, fully automatic machines also have some con’s like they are quite heavier to move around the place and a bit expensive than other models. As there is no manual intervention required, you can’t manage the water and detergent usage by your own.

Front Loading Washing MachineTop Loading Washing Machine

Getting a washing machine for your house is the best investment that you will be doing. But before getting a washing machine you need to check the various features and benefits of the same. Compare with different companies and chose for the machine whose features suits you the most. Front loading machines as the name suggest the opening is in the front and it is the most commonly used machine in European countries. It is a high-end take on the washing machine designs and most commercial and industrial sectors use this design.

The front door is often transparent and this design mainly comes with fully automatic washing machines system. All the process like cleaning, washing, drying is done in a single chamber only. As it is having a single chamber, unlike top loading machines, these machines run in a single motor. The front loading machines are more powerful than the top loading machines and give a better result in washing. But as it is said that every technology comes with some pros and some con’s, likewise front loading machines also have few disadvantages like it is much heavier than the top loading machines making it difficult to move around in the house. But again as the front loading machines are fully automatic, it doesn’t require any manual intervention for operating and its capacity is also higher than the other models. Just fill the machine with the clothes and turn it on, everything else will be done on its own.

It is a great choice for people who crave to save some minutes of hours from the daily life; it might seem a bit expensive but worth trying it.


It is the simplest form of washing machines available and used widely across the world for household purposes. It comes with two different chambers or tube for washing the clothes and drying the same. The top loading washing machines are quite cheaper than the other models and it also needs very less maintenance. The top loading washing machines generally come in semi-automatic washing machine designs which need manual interference for working. You need to manage the water, mixing of detergent and manually put the clothes in the dryer. The most important task of washing and drying is been done by the machine only, so it worth some manual interference as still you can save a huge amount in the machine price and its maintenance.

The top loading washing machines are also much lighter in weight and it’s very easy to move the same around the home. The top loading washing machines also need very less maintenance, only cleaning the surface will suffice the need and the maintenance cost is also very low, but the power of the machine is quite lower than the front loading machines.

So before getting you washing machine compare with the semi-automatic and fully automatic design and top loaded and front loaded one. Check out all the pros and cons of the different types and invest on the machine which suits you for your requirement.

Tips On Choosing The Best Washing Machine On The Market

It’s a big and very useful step to invest in a washing machine which provides lots of comforts and saves the valuable time. But choosing the best washing machine is also a daunting task as there are numerous numbers of washing machine companies providing a wide range of models with different features. So to choose the best machine you need to follow few simple rules like:

  • Your requirement

What is the size of your family? Is there any infant there? How many clothes you need to wash on daily basis? Are you a complete house maker or also work along with maintaining the house? These are the few things which you need to answer yourself as it will give the desired result. Like if you have a big family with loads of clothes to wash on daily basis and you also work along with house making, then you need a machine with the features like powerful, higher capacity and low power consumption. Avoid going for the fancy designs. You need a strong and sturdy one.

  • Budget

This is the most important deciding factor for getting a washing machine. In India, you can get a standard washing machine which price may vary from 6000 Rs to as much as you want. It is suggested not to select machines with various fancy features if your budget is not supporting you. Look for a machine with common features if you have a strict budget. If budget is not an issue, there are huge ranges of washing machines models available with numerous features to provide you with all kind of expected luxuries.

  • Brand value

As you will be investing quite a big amount of money in your washing machine, so it is suggested to choose from the reputed brands only. Check out the maintenance and servicing features along with the provided warranty.

  • Capacity

Capacity is one of the most important aspects of choosing a washing machine as it will determine the volume of loads that it can wash. Higher capacity allows you to wash more clothes which save on your energy and resources consumption; however, higher the capacity also means higher the price. So select the capacity as per your need, taking a high capacity washing machine but having fewer loads of clothes is not a wise investment.

Decide a budget, check for your requirements and expectations and then compare with different models about the pros and cons before buying the same.

Benefits Of A Good Washing Machine

As you need to spend a good amount of money for the washing machines, it is suggested not to select any machine which price may vary with the other with a difference of a small margin but comes with sacrificing of good feature. It’s a one-time investment, so get the best one as per the budget. A good washing is beneficial in lots of ways like: –

  • It saves energy and power.
  • It reduces the manual intervention.
  • It saves time.
  • It gives the best desired
  • Easy to handle and maintain etc.

Top 5 Best Washing Machine Brands in India

Working Of Washing Machine


Since the inception of the washing machine, the life of the women in the houses has become very easier and now they can spend the saved time for other creative work or leisure which is much deserved. It has now become easier for every member of the family including the men to contribute in the household works. Washing machines provide comfort along with the most important thing, it saves a lot of time.

So get your washing machine today only to enjoy the life instead of spending the time with the dirty linens.

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