Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India 2019-Reviews & Buying Guide

The washing machine is treated as a great boon to our society as it resolves the issue of the most energy and time consuming daily job i. e. washing of clothes. Since the invention of the washing machine, it has gone through numerous changes and now is available in various types and models. Now you can get a best washing machine with cheapest of price with basic features to the most expensive one with advanced systems, so you can choose from a wide range as per your need and budget. The top-loading washing machines are available in both Semi-Automatic and fully-Automatic models. We tried to review the top 10 best top loading washing machines in India and came with the below list which will include detailed features of top loading washing machines along with their pros and cons which will help you to decide to get the best one.

Top 5 Bestselling Top Loading Washing Machines Comparison


Best Rated Top Load Washing Machine Reviews

LG 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

LG T72CMG22P Fully Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Reviews

It is impossible to wash or clean bulk garments and home accessories on a regular basis. In this regards, you need a high capacity washing machine for your washing needs. LG is one of the biggest trustworthy brands in the market and it can give you full freedom from washing hassles. Bring the LG 6.2 kg fully automatic washing machine now. This machine is designed with turbo drum technology which provides the best washing performance and it can clean or wash your clothes thoroughly. It can remove any type of stains and it does not damage your clothes also. So stay clean and hygienic with LG automatic washing machine always.

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Onida 5.8 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Onida WO60TSPLN1 Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Reviews

The Onida fully automatic washing machine is one of the best products in the market. The latest Fuzzy logic enhances the performance level of this machine, and you will get a thorough cleaning technology in this washing machine. The capacity of this machine can easily meet the domestic standards, and you can use up to 5.8 kg load. So do not get tired with your washing needs and bring Onida washing machine to your home at a very attractive price range. It is also very easy to operate this machine because of its large display and this machine is fully designed with anti-rust fiber body and stainless steel sheet.

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Electrolux 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine 

Electrolux ET70ENERM Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Reviews

If you are looking for a top loading washing machine for your laundry needs then Electrolux ET70ENERM is the best product for you. The nifty controlling system and backlit control power of this machine provide you with the ultimate cleaning and washing solutions. The large LED display ensures smooth operation and you just need to put your clothes in this machine and switch on the mode of different applications. Then the machine will wash your clothes automatically. The high-speed wheel and spin capacity of this machine perform as tornado and remove any type of stains from your clothes, within few minutes only.

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Godrej 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Godrej WT600C Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine REviews

The Godrej WT 600C is a competitive washing machine with 6 kg loading capacity. This machine is designed with three water levels and three washing programs technology which provide you the best cleaning efficiency. Godrej is the only product which has invented the flexible washing technology in the market and now you can select the water level as per your needs or nature of your clothes. The separate level of three different washing programs can ensure the best cleaning possibility and it can clean any type of tough stains from your clothes. So now you can stay clean and fulfill your regular laundry needs by this washing machine within few minutes only.

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SAMSUNG 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Samsung WA62H4200HB/TL Fully Automatic Washing Machine Reviews

It is impossible to wash the daily clothes manually because you need to spend your valuable time and it needs huge physical efforts also. Now you can opt for an easy solution and bring home the Samsung WA62H4200HB washing machine for your laundry needs. You can clean huge number of clothes in this machine and this machine has powerful washing technology which can remove even the most dangerous types of stains from your clothes. Also this machine is equipped with the fastest dry clothes technology and you can easily operate this machine through the large LED display. After selecting the spin cycle, you need to switch on the dry mode and your clothes will become laundry dry within fifteen to twenty minutes only.

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  • Semi-Automatic

As the name suggest, it needs manual operating to work but that is also not a big deal. You just need to put the water through pipes, load the clothes, add detergent and switch on the machine. You don’t need to spend the whole time near the machine while the washing is completed. You can concentrate on other jobs as the clothes are getting washed.

The semi-automatic machines usually come in two different chambers or tubes, one for washing and cleaning and another for drying. So as mentioned earlier, it needs some manual intervention, so as the washing is completed, you need to manually put the clothes in the dryer.

The semi-automatic machines basically come with top loading option.

Pros of Semi-Automatic Machines

  • It is quite cheaper than other models.
  • It is very lightweight and can easily be moved around the house.
  • The two different chambers allow washing and drying simultaneously.
  • Semi-automatic machines are very strong and sturdy.
  • It required very less maintenance and the servicing cost is also very low.

Cons of Semi-Automatic Machines

  • It has lower RPM rate than other models.
  • It can work completely on its own and needs manual intervention.
  • Fully Automatic

In the fully automatic machine, you don’t need any kind of manual operation. Just load the clothes and turn on the machine and go back to your work, it will wash, clean and dry the clothes by itself. It is the best option for people who hardly get a spare minute for themselves.

The fully automatic washing machine comes in both top loaded and front loading models and it comes with a single tube or chamber where the complete process takes place.

Pros of Fully Automatic washing machines

  • It doesn’t require any kind of manual intervention for operating.
  • It works on its own thus saves a huge amount of time and energy.
  • The fully automatic machines take the water and other required things like detergent etc on its own thus does an efficient use of resources.
  • Comes with a higher RPM rate resulting in better cleaning.

Cons of Fully Automatic washing machines

  • It consumes a bit more power than others.
  • It is quite expensive and maintenance cost is also higher.
  • The fully automatic washing machines are quite heavier than other models.

The fully automatic machine comes in both top loading and front loading models.

With each passing days and advancement of technology, the washing machines are now available with loads of features. Every now and then new facilities and features are added to the system to make it more users friendly and to offer more luxury. With the increased government norms and strictness, the new models are more power efficient and high performing. Noise is one of the biggest disadvantages of using the washing machine. More the power more it causes vibration and noise. But now with the help of modern science and state of art technologies, the issue has been overcome by a huge margin. With the availability of numerous numbers of models with different features, it has become easier to choose the machine from a wide range of models as per the need and requirement.

The top loading machines can be noisy ones but it is more comfortable in compare to the vibrations created by the front loading machines, some manufacturers even suggest placing the machine in concrete flooring to keep the shakings to minimum the most loading or top loading comes with their own pros and cons, so you need to select the machine

Budget is one of the most important deciding factors. The price of the washing machine may vary from 6,000 to 60,000 Rs in Indian currency. So to choose the best machine as per the budget, make a clear idea of your required features so that you can get the best what you needed.

You can go for the trendy options if budget is not an issue for you. Check the latest models and its offered features. You can also match the design of the machine as per your home décor so that its suits the ambience of your house.

What To Look Into The Best Top Loading Washing Machine

The top loading washing machines come in both semi-automatic and fully automatic options. So to buy any top loading washing machine you need to look for different features and advantages offered by the machine like: –

  • Capacity

The capacity of a washing machine determines the volume of loads it can work efficiently. The size of the drum determines how many clothes you can wash in the machine. With a high capacity machine, you can wash a larger volume of clothes at one time which will save your resources like water and energy and also your time. With lower capacity, you may need to wash the clothes at regular interval which will consume more power and water.

You can choose the capacity of the machine as per your requirement like if you have a small family you will a have small amount of clothes and vice versa. A pair of trousers, one shirt with two pairs of socks is equivalent to nearly 1 kg. So you can decide the required capacity. The washing machines come with a wide range of models ranging from 5 kg capacity to 12 kg load. So you have a vast option to choose from.

  • Quick wash

You should consider this factor if you have very little time to spend for the washing. However, the fully automated washing machine doesn’t need any manual intervention, but still you need to wait for completion of the procedure. The RPM of the machine decides the time of the wash and also the quality. So if you want a quick washing machine that checks the specifications in details and some of the machines also comes with a quick wash option.

  • Energy Consumption

The star rating of the machine decides how efficient a machine is in the case of power consumption. As mentioned earlier also that a machine with a higher capacity is a best suitable option to save power as it can wash a greater quantity of clothes at a single time. With the increasing strictness of government, the washing machine manufacturers are giving more effort towards energy consumption. More the stars in the machine, more it is energy efficient.

  • Spinning Speed

The spinning speed of the washing machine is a big deciding factor of the performance of the machine. The RPM decides the spinning speed of the machine. The spinning speed ranges from 700 to 1600 RPM. Faster the speeds more it will extract moisture and leave the clothes dry. Fast spinning speed is a great choice for heavy clothes like jeans which need more time for trying.

  • Technology

With every passing day the washing machines are getting upgraded with new features and technology. Get the latest models with the best technology and features. The new innovations help to bring new technologies to enhance the performance of the machine and also make it efficient in energy consumption. The advanced technology helps to get the different required service from washing machine like: –

  • With the gentle wash technology, you can save your valuable and delicate clothes from the wear and tear of regular washes. Different quality of clothes needs different types of wash. So with the innovative technologies, you can change the washing modes.
  • In general washing machines cause a great amount of vibration and noise, which can easily be restricted with the modern takes on the machines.
  • The advanced technology also helps in power and resources savings
  • Durability

Getting a washing machine means a huge investment, so it should have a longer durability. However, washing machines usually last for long and few companies are so confident in their product that they offer extra warranty period.

  • Maintenance

Every machine needs proper maintenance and servicing, so before buying your machine check the servicing options rendered by the company. Are they providing any free services or need to do the same from outside? If the machines have a much-complicated system then you may need to get the servicing done by the experts.

Benefits of A Good Top Loader Washing Machine

As told earlier, basically there are two models of washing machine available in the market i.e. front loading washing machines and top loaded washing machines. Both have equal demands in the market but you can find the best washing machines as the most demanded one. Let’s find out the reason for the same: –

  • Budget

You can get a top loading washing machine with a range from 6,000 Rs to 60,000 Rs or more. Wide ranges of models are available in the market with various feature and prices. So you can choose as your budget permits. The front loading machines start from minimum 15,000 Rs.

  • Maintenance

The top loading washing machines need less maintenance than the other models. The maintenance cost is also very low in case of top loading machines.

  • Versatility

The front loading machines are available only in fully automatic version, whereas the top loading machines are available in both the options giving you the option to choose from.

  • Comfort

In top loading machines you can operate by standing only whereas in the case of front loading machines you need to bend for loading and unloading causing discomfort to you.

  • Weight

The semi-automatic top loading machines are very lighter in weight making it easier to move around in the house whereas the fully automatic machines are of front loading and they are much heavier in compare of top loading machines and causes a great trouble for moving.

The top loading machines are widely used for the household purpose in all over the world. Some top loading machines also come with two different chambers, one for washing purpose and one is for drying.

Working Of High -Efficiency Top Loading Washing Machine


You will be amazed to see the different models with various features available in the market. With every passing day, the models are getting updated with new features and options providing more comfort to the users. Every model of washing machine like front loading washers or top loading comes with their own pros and cons, so you need to select the machine which suffices you need the most.

Washing machines have brought a big change in our society by saving our much valuable time from washing clothes. Both men and women are now contributing to society by working for a living, but still, our society is completely dependent on women for house making. If women spent the maximum time of her day in washing clothes and then drying them and then arraigning them, when will she get the time for any other creative work or for leisure?

Washing machines have allowed others rather than the women to contribute to the household works. With the advanced technologies, anyone in the house can operate the machine and there are safety options for kids also. So, if you are still waiting to experience the service of the washing machine, it’s the best time to try it out.

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