Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine In India 2019- Reviews & In-Depth Buying Guide

Washing clothes used to be one of the most daunting tasks in our daily life and the same was the duty of the household women for the maximum of the case but with washing machine, this difficult task can be done with much comfort. We provide you with the best brands of washing machine with the price ranging from cheapest one to the most expensive washing machine. Choose the best one which suits your need and as per your budget. Find out the features of semi-automatic washing machines and how it can be your best choice. We tried to review the top 10 best semi-automatic washing machines in India and came with the below list.

5 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine In Indian Market


Top 5 Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Reviews

LG P7853R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine

LG P7853R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Reviews

Among all the electronic gadgets that you need, washing machine is one of the most important one for your household activities. Among all the different brands that are there in your list, LG is one,  that is really attractive with the features and the competitive price of it. The latest model from the brand is effective for washing the clothes of your kids, especially those that are with deep strains. Get through the different features, pros and cons of the machine and have that with you. The attractive features are all bundled for you in this device, the Punch + 3 Pulsator.

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Samsung WT725QPNDMP Top Loading Washing Machine

Among all the different devices that are there in the market, the washing machines of Samsung are really one of the best. They have got all the features that you need in a semi-automatic wash and are quite efficient for washing the garments of your kids. They really become dirty, especially when they return from the playgrounds. The latest semi-automatic model from Samsung can wash 6 kg of clothes at the same time and is having different features to give the experience of best wash to you. Explore the features of the device underneath and get the support from there on.

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Onida WS65WLPT1LR Liliput Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Onida WS65WLPT1LR Liliput Washing Machine Reviews

Washing machine is a section, where you are sure to get different alternatives at the same time. There are some of the automatic machines, where the timers are to be set and the machine will work accordingly. The rinsing is even supported there. There are the semi-automatic devices, where everything has to be conducted manually and the final one is the washer tub alone, where there are different functions, but all the things are meant for the washing. Among the different companies that are having their washing machines of 6 or 6. 5 kg, Onida is having a washer supported device. Get through the features and you will understand why it is one of the handiest device.

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Panasonic NA-W65B2RRB Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Panasonic NA-W65B2RRB Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine

Panasonic is a big name in the electronics part and when washing machine comes, then the best features are already included in it. The top load washing machine of 6. 5 kg is one of the best in the market and that is having some of the eminent features, with which you can decide why it is one of the best in the market among all the semi-automatic washing machines. The machine, in terms of looks and design is also trendy and you will like that very much with some of the alternative colours there in the online store.

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Godrej GWS6203PPD Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Godrej GWS6203PPD Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Among all the brands that manufacture and sell the electronic devices, Godrej is one of the best. The parts and the materials that are used in the Godrej machine is not the average one but the ultimate best one. apart from that, there is the excellent mechanism of the devices that makes it different from all the other ones. The latest washing machine of 6. 3 kg from Godrej is an efficient one. It is better to go for the availability of the machine, after an overview through the features of the machine. A detailed study of the same is here for you, including the pros and the cons.

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What To Look Into The Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

As you can understand with the name that this type of machine needs manual intervention for washing. Other than washing the clothes and drying them, you need to lend your hand to the process like you need to start the water and stop it when reaches the level. You need to manually start and stop the machine and place the clothes in the dryer to dry.

Semi-Automatic washing machines are the most commonly used and found for household washing, it is cheap in price and available in various models with wide range of features.

Model of Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

The semi-automatic comes in top loading washing machines and it comes with two different tubes one for washing and another for drying clothes.

Top Loading Washing Machines: – Again as the names simplify that, in this model, the opening is from the top. This is the most common washing machine model use in our households. The top loading washing machines come in both fully automatic washing machine and semi-automatic types.

Getting a washing machine for your home is the most efficient investment. With the daily competition in life, there is very less time that you can save for some leisure or to spend some quality times with family and friends. A washing machine at the home helps to save the washing time.

Both semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machine have their own advantages and disadvantages, so before buying you washing machine it is suggested to do a thorough research about the offered features of the machine and are the important features which are required to you.

Panasonic NA-W65B2RRB Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine

Due to new technology and innovations, the washing machines are getting loaded with new and updated features to provide the desired comforts but added features and benefits also need extra money. So if budget is an issue then it is suggested to go for semi-automatic machines as the starting price of the semi-automatic washing machine is half of the fully automatic and the price range is vast, so you have wide ranges of the option to select as per your budget and requirement.

In today’s life, the washing machine has equal importance like mobile and the internet. Without the washing machine, it’s quite impossible to work and handle the household tasks. The Semi-automatic washing machines come with a top loading feature and this model is most commonly used for household washings. Washing machines help a great deal in saving time and energy for cleaning clothes and over that it also gives proper washing of clothes.

Tip To Choosing Top- Performing Semi- Automatic Washing Machine

  • Maintenance

Like human being needs to visit doctors and physicians same goes for machinery too. They need maintenance and servicing in regular interval. The semi-automatic washing machine doesn’t need regular serving which saves your lot of money. Just periodic cleaning will suffice the need. For servicing also, you don’t need specialist servicing as the system of semi-automatic washing machines are very simple and the spare parts are also available at very cheap rates.

  • Budget

The semi-automatic washing machines are the most preferred for household usage and the price is one of the most important factors for the same. You can get a semi-automatic washing machine even with a price of 6,000 Rs and the range may go up to 60,000 or above. So there are wide ranges of semi-automatic washing machines available in the market with a vast range of features.


  • Capacity

Capacity determines the efficiency of the machine. More the capacity, more the machine is capable of taking the loads. The capacity of the washing machine may vary from 5 kg to 12 kg load, so before buying the washing machine, check the loads of clothes that you need to was on daily basis. A 1 kg load will have a pair of trousers, a shirt, one or two undergarments and a pair of sock. So check the loads before getting the machine. A washing machine with higher capacity will save the frequent usage of the same thus resulting in less usage of power and other resources. So if you have a big family then you should go for the machine with higher load capacity and vice e-verse.

  • Energy Consumption

With the increasing restriction of government norms, the washing machine manufacturers are focusing more on energy efficient machines. You might have seen the various electronics items are now coming with printed stars on it. The star indicates how power efficient the machine is. 3 or above 3 starts means that the machine is most compatible one. As told earlier, the capacity can also save a lot of energy.

  • Spinning Speed

The new and advanced semi-automatic washing machines come with an average spinning speed of 700 to 1400 RPM. For the speed, better it is. The higher spinning speed gives an efficient wash and also helps to dry the clothes to the maximum. Heavy clothes like bed sheets and covers or curtains can only be washed properly if the spinning speed of the machine is high.

  • Quick washing

The main purpose of the washing machine is to wash clothes to save time and physical energy. So the quick wash factors determine how quickly the machine can clean your linens. The machines with higher RPM deliver efficient quick washing. So before buying the machines, you must check the quick wash feature.

  • Sturdiness

Investing in the washing machine is a big step and usually the washing machines last very long. Go for the machines with simple features and specification. The companies of washing machine manufacturers are so confident about their product that they sometimes offer extended warranty on the same.

  • Technological Advancement

The semi-automatic washing machines are always in huge demand and that’s why companies keep on upgrading the machines with new features and option to provide additional comfort to the users. Earlier we need to wash different types of clothes in the same machine and sometimes used to wash the delicate and expensive clothes with our hand only. But now the machines have newly added features to provide both gentle and rough washing.

  • Features

You may not find all the features of the machine useful to you. More features will definitely add comfort and benefit to use but it will also add additional charges on the price. Choose the machine with the best appropriate features that suit your need and budget. The modernized semi-automatic machine also comes with loads of added feature. Check the usefulness of the features and decide the machine.

  • Décor

We select the furniture at our home after matching with the wall colors and decors, so why not in the case of the washing machine. The modern day washing machines are available in various trendy designs, so choose the same to match it with the décor of your houses. It is not necessary to select a white washing machine only. A washing machine will be at your home for a long time, so select the model and color which will complement your home décor and over that, it is sometimes difficult to keep the white machines look clean.

Benefits Of A Good Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Every type and model of any machines have their own pros and cons like semi-automatic are a bit noisy, but in compare, to other benefits, we don’t give value to this disadvantage. The semi-automatic washing machine has the best proportion of both pros and cons which make it famous in every household. The important benefits of semi-automatic washing machines are: –

  • Price

Other models of washing machine like fully automatic washing machines in the market have a high starting price, whereas, you can get a semi-automatic machine with half of that amount. It is a great value for money as you can choose from a wide range of price with different features. The semi-automatic machines are available from cheapest to the costliest price range.

  • Maintenance

As the system of semi-automatic washing machines is very simple and the spare parts are also easily available in the market, the maintenance cost and servicing charge is much lower.

  • Weight

The overall weight of semi-automatic washing machines is quite lighter than other types of fully automatic washing machines. It can easily be moved from one place to others without much trouble and effort.

  • Energy Consumption

As the semi-automatic washing machines need your manual intervention to work, thus helps to save a lot of water and electricity whereas the fully automatic machines run by its own and resulting in higher consumption of both power and other resources.

  • Sound

The semi-automatic machines are not completely sound proof but it causes very less vibration in compared to fully automatic washing machines. The noise is not so very high also and it can be kept low with using of washers in the legs and with proper maintenance.

  • Capacity

You can easily get a high capacity semi-automatic washing machines which are of a great help when the volume of clothes are higher as it will wash maximum clothes at a single time and save power and water consumption along with saving your time.

  • Comfort

As the semi-automatic washing machines come in top loading models, so it is much convenient to load and unload the clothes as you don’t need to bend completely and can easily operate the same while standing.

  • User-Friendly

The semi-automatic washing machines don’t have critical operating features and it can easily be operated by anyone at the home and you don’t need any special instructions also for operating.

How To Use A Semi-automatic Washing Machine


Semi-Automatic or fully automatic, a washing machine has now become a basic requirement in every household. Since its inception, it has reached to every house like the fire spreads in the jungle. In today’s life maintaining personal and professional life is very difficult especially for women as they need to look after the house also and due to this, the washing machine in the house has become mandatory.

So if you still washing your clothes with your hands then, it is the best time to get a new washing the machine and experience why people calls it more important invention than the internet.

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