Best Power Banks in India 2019- A Detailed Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking for the Best Power Bank Reviews? Gone are the days when our mobile phones and laptop required not much of charging. Everything is going handy what with tablets, laptops, mobiles & a lot more and even their chargers have become portable. The moveable chargers that are primarily known as“POWER BANKS”, are all in the rage these days! With the latest smartphones and many other devices becoming our steady partners and an increasing dependence on these devices for nearly all our needs, but these devices are not merely restricted to business, interaction, leisure and what not,we require them always. And this is where the power bank charger have turned out to be a BIG necessity.

Top 5 Bestselling Power Banks For Mobiles In India

  • Romoss MUI-PB52 Power bank
  • Power : 10000mAH
  • Dimension : 22x9.5x1.6cm
  • Weight : 372 g
  • Lenovo PA10400 Powerbank
  • Power : 10400mAh
  • Dimensions : 14.1x2.2x6.4cm
  • Weight : 240 g
  • PNY BE-520 Power Bank
  • Power : 5200mAh
  • Dimensions : 9.8x2.3x4.4 cm
  • Weight : 122g
  • PNY BE-740 Power Bank
  • Power : 10400mAh
  • Dimensions : 14x2.5x5.1 cm
  • Weight : 236 g
  • Wayona W4 Portable Power Bank
  • Power : 7000mAh
  • Dimensions : 13.6x6.5x1 cm
  • Weight : 118 g

Sadly, individuals do not have any clue about what is a power bank actually is & how it works. Let’s ponder over its interesting details further.

What Are Power Banks?

Power banks are basically portable energy source that could be handily carried in a pocket or backpack and offers smartphone and tablet users an extra power while their devices are running low on battery. Power banks are basically embraced of a special battery in a special case having a special circuit for controlling the power flow. They enable individuals to store the electrical energy and use it later as required for charging up for almost any USB-charged devices. Power Banks are becoming growingly popular and having the ease of keeping a battery backup close by, individuals can top-up their devices battery life anywhere anytime handily. We closely reviewed the top 10 power banks available in Indian Market and come up with the five best quality power banks list.

5 Best Rated Power Bank Charger Reviews

Romoss MUI-PB52 10000mAh Power Bank Solo 5

Romoss MUI-PB52 10000mAh Power Bank Solo 5 White Review

Now individuals can power up their phone or laptop anywhere anytime, as this Romoss 10000mAH power bank for mobile runs on the Lithium-Ion battery thereby giving long-lasting power supply to your device and can charge up iPhone for about 5 times.

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Lenovo PA10400 10400mAh Power Bank

Lenovo PA10400 10400mAh Powerbank - White Reviews

Lenovo PA10400 10400mAh Mobile Power Bank white is a high performance and quality product which offers two USB output ports ( 5 V/2.1 A * 2) which allows users to charge two devices simultaneously. It has a portable design, is light weighted and has massive battery capacity of 10400mAh.

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PNY BE-520 5200mAH Power Bank

PNY BE-520 5200mAH Power Bank (White) Reviews

If your smartphone or tablet is running out of charge within24 hours then,buy the PNY BE-520 5200mAH Power Bank right now, this is the best power bank to buy and keep your favorite gadgets fully charged every time.  It has 7 volts lithium-ion battery with 5200mAH battery capacity.

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PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank

PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank (White) Reviews

This best power bank is an exceptionally convenient option for anyone that is looking for a power bank with over 10,000 mAh. This best power bank brand has a unique and promising design and is priced reasonably.

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Wayona W4 7000mAH Portable Power Bank

Wayona W4 7000mAH Portable Power Bank (White) Reviews

Wayona W4 7000mAH portable power charger (white) is manufactured by making use of advanced resources which offers exceptional safety solution and is ultra slim power bank. It is designed especially for nearly all micro USB-equipped phones, USB gadgets, iPhones and mp3 players and is priced affordably.

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Fruitful Tips on Choosing the Best Battery Power Bank on the Market:

  • Capacity 

It is one of the key deciding aspects while choosing an apt power bank as the power bank capacity tells how much charge is within a power bank battery. It is calculated in mAh or milliamps per hour. Higher end power banks capacity can charge nearly all types of devices, from smartphones, laptops, iPads, tablets and what not.

  • Connectors

 Pay huge attention to the total number of and kind of connector. It would be more advisable to go for a power bank with built-in cable.

  • Movability

Individuals purchase a power bank due to its handy nature.

  • Cost

Power banks that ensure a higher capacity at a considerably lower price might not be legitimate. Buy a branded power bank which might be slightly expensive but will keep your favorite devices absolutely safe and deliver the needed output.

  • Safe Circuitry

Make sure that your portable power bank has below mentioned extra features to guard your device:-

  • Short Circuit Safety- This would assist in keeping your power bank and devices absolutely safe if the short circuit issues occur.
  • Over Charging Safety-This feature enables the power bank to cut off the supply when your device is fully charged.
  • Temperature Safety – This feature assists to identify when your device is overheated while charging it.
  • Certification

Inquire for the UL certification of your device and ensure that the purchased power bank is fulfilling all the standard quality needs.

Key Benefits of a Good Quality Power Bank:

  • Tops Up The Battery When Your Device Runs Out Of Steam

When your device runs out of steam and you are not close to any electric socket or are travelling then, you can easily get it charged by a mobile power bank.

  • Handy

 Power banks are neither heavy nor tiresome to carry rather it helps you enjoy high portability due to its feather-light weight and exceptional design.

  • Attractive Appearance

Power banks have appealing appearance and their pencil-thin body could even give a run for money to several sleek phones. Being so impressive in appearance, it is definitely a delight for anyone to purchase it and carry it for emergency uses. Power banks comes in variety of colors and it really matters for girls. You can check the different colors of power banks which you like to buy at

  • Multiple Sockets

The modern day power bank providers understand the need of the 21st-century people and are equipped to charge over one gadget. Nowadays, power banks come up with a unique 6-socket feature which enables individuals to charge more than one device simultaneously.

  • Usable for All Device Brands

No matter which smartphone, laptop or tablet brand you have, you can easily make use of any device brand on this tool.

  • Anti-Scratch Exterior

One of the most amazing features of power bank is that it has an anti-scratch surface therefore; the rate of criticism is actually quite low and the probabilities of getting damaged is also less!

  • Trims Downs Self-Energy Use

If you ask about its in-depth features, then your power bank supplier China shall tell you that the device is designed to minimize its own energy consumption. Thus, it can run for several hours and keeps feeding your phones until it lasts.

  • Affordable Price

Power bank is an exceptionally affordable tool which doesn’t need any high investment to be made by individuals.

Well, since it can be observed from the above discussion, a power bank is a critical additional gadget nowadays and if you have any questions regarding the aforementioned power bank specs and reviews explained, or if you have any additional information about the same, please feel free to comment below.

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