Looking for the Best Juicer ever? Everyone is health conscious, and when it comes to maintaining healthy diet, it is preferable to have one or two glasses or juice every day. You can drink any type of juice depending upon the requirement. For sugar patients it is recommended to have Aloe Vera’s and bitter gourd’s. You need a very good juicer is order to extract the last drop of the juice. I am listing top 5 juicers in India; I hope you will look forward to add them in your routine.

Top 5 Bestselling Juicers Comparison Chart

  • Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer
  • Power: 700 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 240
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Oster 3157-049 400-Watt Juice Extractor
  • Power: 400 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 220
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Philips HL1631 500-Watt 2 Jar Juicer Mixer Grinder
  • Power: 500 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 230
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer
  • Power: 500 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 220
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Usha Nutripress CPJ362F 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer
  • Power: 700 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 240
  • Warranty: 5 Years on Motor and 2 Years on product

Best 5 Juicer Reviews

Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer (Black/Silver)

Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer

This Philips’s juicer is perfect for everyday use, because it doesn’t take time to clean, and run smoothly. If you want to have a heavy duty product, this is for you. The price range is also low, but you only get a juicer, no additional benefits. With quick clean technology, you can clean it very easily just by pouring water. Sieves can also be get cleaned easily. The motor is very powerful, and can extract last drop from the pulp.

  • Squeezes the last drop from fruits and veggies
  • Cleaning operation only takes upto 1 minute
  • Very friendly to use
  • Made of Aluminum
  • Integrated cord storage with extra-large tube
  • 1 speed setting( only on and off function)
  • 2 liter pulp container and 800 ml juice jug capacity
  • 2 liters of total capacity
  • Motor is of 700 watts and operates between 220-240 volts
  • 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects  

The juicer is very sleek and compact, you can store it in the corner, and bring it up when want to use. I would recommend this small beast for everyone, who wants to add a glass of juice to their everyday diet. Within the price range it is available; I think it is the best catch.

Oster 3157-049 400-Watt Juice Extractor (Gray)


The juice extractor has a bin on the back, and a juice jug on the front. The motor is moderately powerful, and it is recommended for only fruits. The device is easy to clean, due to the detachable parts. You can simply disintegrate every part, and put it under water, and they will be good. The parts are also dishwater safe.

  • Removable extra wide feed part
  • Stainless steel filter for smooth juice, and also detachable.
  • Cleaning brush is included,
  • Parts are easy to detach and clean
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Fruit Recommend for Juice are Pineapple, half apple, pears, carrots and strawberry
  • 2 years warranty on product against manufacturing defects
  • Motor has 400 watts power and operates on 220 volts  

Instruction manual is included in the box and will give better understanding of the operation. The juicer is not that good for citrus fruits because it also grinds seeds, and thus, juice has bitter taste, also the effectiveness of the juicer is not upto the mark ,for that use Food Processor are more efficient . The pulp contains somewhat some parts of juice, it is semi liquid, or at least wet enough to realize that it has some juice. I would recommend it if you want to use it for moderate purpose.

Philips HL1631 500-Watt Juicer

Philips HL1631 500-Watt Juicer

This 500 watt juicer by the Philips, have many features, but somewhat, build quality of the juicer is very cheap. Though the company is recognized, but still quality wasn’t upto the mark. Coming to juicer, it extracts good amount of juice from the pulp, but cleaning it is a problem. You have to detach the whole equipment everytime, making it more time consuming.

  • Spiral sieve is designed reversed giving maximum extraction
  • Unique micro mesh filter for smooth juice
  • Compact and sleek design, takes less space, and could be stored in the corner
  • Easy to pour and store in separate chamber with spout
  • Seed and skin are separated with the help of fruit filter
  • Auto shut-off when the machine is overloaded
  • Powerful 500 watts motor for juicing
  • 2 years warranty on product against manufacturing defects 

The consumers are having complains that the design is very bad, and it doesn’t extract the expect amount of juice. The waste has ample amount of juice even after extracting. The parts are loose, and vibrate. I would recommend you to see other choices, but the features are good, if you want real smooth juice, go for it.

Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer



This sophisticated juicer gets the job done, with less noise and absolutely no problem; though it is an expensive choice, but certainly the best among the range. Since the product has very good capacity, the space is little more than the others. The juicer extracts good amount of juice from the fruits, but from carrots, the result is low.

  • Large capacity, so you can extract juice for the whole family is one go
  • Extra wide mouth, so you can feed large pieces
  • Sieve is very thin, and designed extremely well for smooth juice.
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Rotary switch, dual locking system for safety
  • 1 year of manufacturing warranty.
  • 500 watts power of the motor.  

The juicer has very minute flaws, like cleaning and pulp storage. Vegetables are not extracted as expected. Prestige could have done a better job on the juicing efficiency; though it is good, but not price wise. You would find that you had paid extra for the quality. Overall, the product has good build quality and powerful motor. Think before you go for it, if you want pure performance, better go for other options.

Usha Nutripress CPJ362F 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (Black and Brush Steel finish)


The design of the juicer is unique and basically a press. The mechanism is to press the veggies and fruits to extract the juice. Thus it takes time to extract, but the nutrients and vitamins remain intact. This unique mechanism helps the juicer to extract far more juice than normal juicers. But when it comes to price, you are going to invest a lot more than the normal juicers. The juicer is only for strictly healthy conscious people.

  • The juicer can extract from any type of vegetable and fruits, whether they’re hard, soft, hard skinned, nuts and grains, desserts.
  • The press extracts maximum juice from soft fruits and vegetables. The efficiency is far more than normal juicers.
  • Nutrients, vitamins and fibers remain intact; every drop of the juice is natural due to cold temperature juicing.
  • Warranty of 5 Years on Motor and 2 Years on product.   

The unique design makes it a great juicer, but you have to think about the price, is it really going to be that useful, in that price. I mean, nobody’s going to spend money just for the juicer, if you want to, I guarantee you that you’re going to get best juicer till now.

Tips On Choosing The Best Juicer On The Market

A good juicer extracts every drop, collects pulp in the right place, and cleans up easily. As easy as it sounds, when you really want to buy one, you may end up in lots of confusion. There is lots of juicer available in the market, and to buy the one that suits you is hectic task. Before finalizing on you should look upon these points to choose the best juicer for you.


Power of the motor matters, because it tell you about the juicing capacity and speed. If you want to use it for daily and heavy duty use, go for the one that has very good power.


If the juicer has detachable parts and smooth surface, you can clean it up easily just by pouring some water. The parts should also with dishwasher safe, if you want to get the job done by the machine. Go with one that has cleaning brush and spatula.


If you want to extract good amount of juice every day, for the whole family, go for the one that has at least 1 liter of jug capacity. Same goes for the pulp container, if the capacity is good, you don’t have to clean the waste container time to time while the operation.

Quality Of Operation

You can get help of the reviews in judging which juicer has better operation. If the juicer doesn’t extract much juice, and basically wasting the energy, what’s the point in buying it? A perfect juicer should differentiate between pulp and juice, to make smooth juice. Choose the one with sieve, it help in providing good quality of juice. If seeds and skin removal is present, then go for it.

Build Quality

Juicers can fall from the shelf, or they might crack due to various accidents, I suggest you to buy the one, which has good build quality.   [/su_list]

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Benefits Of A Good Juicer

If you have good juicer, then you can stay healthy, by having a glass of juice daily, with no cost at all. It is better to prepare juice at home, than to go to a stall, because home-made juice have nutrients and vitamins intact. Also, who can take guarantee of the cleanliness?

You can prepare the juice instantly, if you have an urge to drink a glass. It is simple; just cut some fruits and veggies, and run the juicer. A good juicer also consumes less energy, extracts good amount of juice.

Your family can remain healthy by investing some good money on the juicer. Kids usually love juice, so make a habit of giving them atleast a glass in the breakfast. A good juicer can make the job easy, as you don’t have to work for getting juice. It can help in maintaining a healthy family, and I think, there is no other valuable benefit than that.


If you’re a health conscious person, I would recommend you to have a juicer, and drink juice according to your mood and body. A good diet can influence your peace of mind, and also helps in active participation in day to day work. If you have a good juicer, you can benefit from it, health wise and energy wise. I would recommend everyone to own a juicer in order to remain healthy. Choose the juicer by going through some essential tips and juicer reviews, and I guarantee, you would be happy of your decision to buy one. Customer juicer reviews can also help in finding the best choice, so read thoroughly and then invest.

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