Are you looking for the Best Hair Dryer ever? We often go late, and forget styling our hair, usually while going for office, or any other outings. Hair is important for any look you are carrying, whether they’re formals, or casuals. Having a hair dryer reduces the job, and you can dry your hair, style them, in less than two minutes. Your hair won’t move, as sometimes, if you style them when they’re wet, you lose the style after sometime. Hair dryer helps to make desired hairstyle, without investing any more time. I am presenting you 5 best hair dryers in India; let’s have a look on them.

5 Bestselling Hair Dryers in India Comparison Chart

  • Philips HP8100/06 Hair Dryer

  • 2 Flexible Speed Settings

  • 1.5-Meter Power Cord

  • Warranty: 2 Year On Product

  • Power: 1000 watts

  • Panasonic EH-ND11A Hair Dryer (Blue)

  • 2 Speed And 2 Heat Settings

  • Tangle-Free 1.8 Meter Cord

  • Warranty: 2 Year On Product

  • Power: 1000 watts

  • Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer Combo Pack (Miss Fresher’s Pack)

  •  2 Heat Settings And 2 Speed Settings

  • Corded Device With 1.8 Meters Cord 

  • Warranty: 2 Year On Product

  • Power: 1000 watts

  • Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer (Purple)

  • 2 Flexible Speed Settings

  • 1.5-Meter Power Cord

  • Warranty: 2 Year On Product

  • Power: 1000 Watts

  • Panasonic EH-ND12P Hair Dryer (Pink)

  • 3 Level Heat Selection

  • 1.8 Meters Tangle Free Cord  

  • Warranty: 2 Year On Product

  • Power: 1000 Watts

Top 5 Hair Dryers Review – Pros & Cons

Philips HP8100/06 Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer Reviews 2016

This handy dryer comes from the home of Philips, and has a good quality build. The wattage of the device is 1000 and comes with 2 years manufacturing warranty. The design of the device is very sleek, and you can easily pack it in your travelling bag. This could be a great companion on trips. The motor is powerful, with two modes of air throw.

  • There is a concentrator on the head
  • Instant element heating, providing you hot air on the run
  • 5-meter power cord
  • Sleek design for handy use; easy storage hook for hanging.
  • 2 level speeds for the motor
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty

The product is very good under the price range, and nobody beats it. This small dryer is very useful in quick drying. Due to its compact design, it is easy to carry it around. The product was a best seller on amazon for a long period of time. Philips products always guarantee quality, and this product is no exception.

Panasonic EH-ND11A Hair Dryer (Blue)

The dryer doesn’t have a concentrator, but the design is so compact and sleek, that you would definitely love to get hands on it. The motor speed of the model is good, with two level of heat intensity. The device has turbo dry, which mean it is very powerful when it comes to drying your hair. The cord of the device is long.

bestselling Panasonic hair dryer for thick hair

  • Turbo dry your hair, and saves time.
  • Sleek and easy to carry in your travel bag
  • 2 speed and 2 heat settings
  • 8 meter cord which is tangle free
  • 1000 W power input
  • Includes main unit, instructional manual, warranty card. Read the instruction manual for better use.
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty against any defects, from the date of the purchase.

Due to its sleek design, you can easily carry it along with you. Pink and white color options are also available. The dryer has very good build quality, better than the Philips. The body is really heavy, and the vibrations are very low, unlike in the Philips hand dryer, where, your hand shakes consistently during the operation. The operation of the dryer is smother, and at the price it is available, it is a must buy. I would recommend it to daily user, who just wants to dry the hair, just before leaving the house.

Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer Combo Pack (Miss Fresher’s Pack)

Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer Combo Pack

If you want to style your hair perfectly for any occasion, or just for an office meeting, this combo is meant for you.  The dryer that comes with the combo, works on 1000 wattage, and has pretty much same specifications, that of the mentioned Philips dryer above.Straightener that comes in the combo is of very good quality, with ceramic plates, and ability to rise upto 210 degrees in 30 seconds.

  • Ceramic plates are very hard, and can last longer. They are made for everyday use.
  • 8 meters cord length and 360 degree swivel cord
  • Only takes 30 seconds to heat to 210 degrees Celsius, which is the maximum temperature.
  • Concentrator nozzle present on the dryer
  • 2 heat settings and 2 speed settings
  • 2 years Philips India warranty from the date of the purchase.

The combo is perfect for the women, who want to flaunt their beautiful hair. You can just style them in whichever way you want to, because with that temperature, every design is getable. The dryer is the basic one, but that just makes the whole combo affordable.

Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer (Purple)

Hair Dryer For Fine Hair

This tiny hair dryer is very dashing looking, with sleek and compact design, and could easily fit in your travelling bag. The dryer has power of 1000 watt and 2 speed settings. The heat intensity is good, and it will dry your hair in no time. You will find it easy to hold and revolve it around your hand while the operation. The dryer is not really expensive, and has got everything under the price. There is a concentrator on the head for dedicated flow.

  • The head of the gets heated quickly, with concentrator for better styling
  • Have a 1.5-meter power cord
  • Compact design for easy handling and carrying.
  • 2 flexible motor speeds for better operation
  • 1000 watts and 2 years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase

The hair dryer is like any other Philips dryer, compact, handy, convenient, functional, and great at operations. Your hair will get dry within a couple of minutes. I would recommend it to everyone who wants something more than a normal dryer. The dryer is purple in color, which adds to swag quotient also. It has 2 years warranty against any defects.  The build quality of the dryer is good, and can survive some falls. You can really look for buying it.

Panasonic EH-ND12P Hair Dryer (Pink)

The healthy mode is present in the dryer, which means your air temperature will not raise over 50 degree Celsius. Also, it has cool air feature, just some air with pressure, it is helpful when you don’t want your head to heat up, or just want it for styling. The design of the product is very sleek, and build quality is really nice. It doesn’t shake while on operation and is smooth. The concentrator is really helpful.

Top selling Panasonic hair dryer

  • Healthy mode which gives you air temperature at 50 degree Celsius
  • Cool air selection option integrated.
  • 3 level heat intensity
  • 1000 watts and 1.8 meters tangle free cord
  • Comes with main unit, nozzle, operating instruction manual and warranty card
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

The dryer has an upper hand over the one mentioned above, because it has cool air feature, which is absent in all of them. The dryer also has solid build. I like the dryer and used it personally. I found is beyond satisfactory. In fact, I will recommend it to everybody who wants to buy a dryer.

Tips On Choosing The Best Hair Dryer On The Market

If you’re going to buy a hair dryer, then you must look for these points, because if you end up buying a cheap one, your hair are not going to be as you want them to be. There are many types of hair dryer for thin or thick hair available in the market, from professional to household type. I will explain what you should see in a dryer before buying it.

Professional Hair Dryers


The power of the dryer directly says about the drying and fan speed. If the wattage is between 1000 and 1200, then it is a household type, I mean, the one which are sleek and handy, they’re commonly used for personal use, if the wattage is 1500 or above, it comes under the professional category. Now it’s upto you, what kind of power do you want. If you’re a regular user, and only you use it, go for low wattage, or if you’re going to use it rapidly, for salon, of want extra finish, go for high wattage.


Of course, money matters. If you’re looking for a dryer for personal use, I would prefer you to buy the ones which are less than 1000 rupees, even 1200 are good. But if you’re going to use it for salon, you can increase the budget to 2000 or 3000, because, now you need a reliable and heavy duty product.


The ones which has concentrator is a must, also, long cord helps in mobility. If you’re a frequent traveler, go for a sleek one, or foldable one. The level of the fan and heat also matter. Choose the best combination that suits you, if you want cool air feature also, choose the one which has it. a good hand dryer has everything you need, at a low price.

Benefits Of A Good Hair Dryer

A good hair dryer will make your hairstyle look good; it is as simple as that. a good hair dryer will care about your hair, and the electricity bill. A professional hair dryer has lots of benefits, and some of them I am listing below.

Saves Time

Suppose if you’re an office person, or a student, or anyone who gets late, or have less time for a good hairstyle. Just grab the hair dryer, throw some air in the desired manner, the hair will dry, and leave you with the desired hairstyle. The best part is that it will take only two minutes. If you’re a woman, you know how long it takes to make your hair dry, but now, you can do it in minutes.

Saves Energy

Suppose if you have a less wattage hair dryer, but it is good at functioning, then you have saved yourself from unnecessary energy wasting on big hair dryers.

Look Good

Of course, a hairstyle will make you attractive, and also, looks matter in this professional world. You can dry hair in less time, often helps when you’re sick, or returned from a rain. There are also some international brands like Dyson who are launching Hair Dryers which they believe will change the way of life.

How to Blow Dry Your Hair


Dryers are great invention to save time and look good at the same time. You can style your hair by blowing hot air. It decreases the efforts you do by hand and comb. Just a flow of air and you’re good to go. They have really made their impact on the lifestyle, and now, every household has them, if not, what are you waiting for, grab a suitable one, and I already told you the benefits. No, you can look good, by doing minimal efforts, that too within couple of minutes. Choose your dryer by considering the usage, I hope you will find the right dryer for you.