Best Food Processors in India- Detailed Reviews

A food processor is an electric device which is used to perform the various processes include during the preparation of the food. They are somewhat similar to blenders and the main difference between the food processor and a blender is just about the blades. The blades of a  food processor are interchangeable while the blades of blender remain fixed. A food processor is able to perform every task which includes chopping, grinding, grating, pureeing, shredding and mixing and kneading the  dough with the help of sharp and fine blades in the container. The task of the food processor depends upon the type of blade attached. Here is the list of the some Best Food processors available in India.

Top 4 Bestselling Food Processors Comparison Chart

  • Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 650-Watt Mini Food Processor
  • Power: 650 watts
  • Speed : 2 speed settings
  • Warranty : 2-years Warranty
  • Philips Daily Collection HR7627/00 650-Watt Mini Food Processor
  • Power : 650 watts
  • Speed : 2 speed settings
  • Warranty : 2-year warranty
  • Philips Daily Collection HR7628/00 650-Watt Mini Food Processor
  • Power : 650 watts
  • Speed : 2 speed settings
  • Warranty : 2-year warranty
  • Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000-Watt Food Processor
  • Power : 1,000 Watts
  • Speed : 3-speed control
  • Warranty : 5-year warranty

Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 650-Watt Mini Food Processor (Black)

which is the best food processor to buy in india

The small and compact size of the Philips Daily Collection HR7629 food processor easily makes its place on the shelf of the kitchen. The best part of Philips product is that it offers the user  the life of the product. It is made of high quality of plastic which offers the guarantee of unbreakable of the product. It consist of 2 – Litre bowl and 1- litre blender jar which is to grind, slice and blend. It stores the food too. The speed control offers the user to regulate the processing level of the ingredients. The large food items can be easily fit in the wider feeding tube of the Philips food processor.

Physical Specification

  • The stylish look of the Philips Daily Collection Food processor adds a new look of the kitchen.
  • The product has one bowl of two litre and a blender of 1.75 litre which makes it easy to make delicious food.
  • Philips Food processor consists of emulsifying disk.
  • There are two disks which Shredding and Slicing.
  • The physical dimension of the product is 244 x 244 x 377mm
  • It works upon Smart super chop technology for great chopping performance.

Technical Specification

  • The additional feature of the product is that it has non-slip feet and mechanical brake.
  • The product requires the power of 220-240V with the frequency of 50Hz.
  • The total power consumed by the Philips Daily Collection Food processor is 650 watts.
  • The speed setting of the product can be adjusted up to 2 + pulse.
  • The speed of the motor is 1500rpm-1900rpm


  • The size of the product is small and does not require much place.
  • The Philips Daily Collection Food processor makes different varieties with minimum efforts.
  • The blades for chopping, slicing, kneading is made up of stainless steel.
  • The blender jar and bowl has the enough capacity to prepare the food.
  • The accessories of the food processor can be easily washable.
  • The touch of one button makes accessible for the extraction of fresh juices from fruits and vegetables.


  • The product does not come with a grinder or chutney jar. So, the user might need to buy an extra jar to use its full advantage.
  • The chopper inside the product needs to be fitted properly, in order to turn it ON.
  • Sometimes, the vegetable gets chopped off so small when it puts in longer time.

Philips Daily Collection HR7627/00 650-Watt Mini Food Processor (White)

latest food processors india

The durable and sturdy product launched by Philips Daily Collection food processor. The classy design and amazing features are combined in a one product. The high quality plastic from ABS plastic gives the warranty for the product. Durability is the one of the important features which is worth to invest in the product. The speed can be controlled by dual speed control option and adjusting its pulse setting. The additional products come along with the product are:


  • Blade unit S-blade
  • Chopping knife
  • Coarse shredding tool
  • Coarse slicing tool
  • Emulsifying tool
  • Fine shredding tool
  • Fine slicing tool
  • Granulating tool

These are the some additional products which are included in the product and gives an advantage to use the product to the fullest.

Physical Specification

  • The blades of the Philips Daily Collection Food are made up of stainless steel.
  • The physical dimensions of the product are 244x244x377 mm (LxWxH)
  • The capacity of the bowl is 2 litres and the capacity of the jar is 1.75 litres
  • The cord length of the product is 1.0m
  • It works on the Superchop technology, which has the superior chopping performance.
  • The blades of the knives are made up of stainless steel.
  • The speed of the processor can be controlled by dual speed and pulse settings.

Technical Specification

  • The power consumed by the Philips Daily Collection food is 650 watts.
  • The voltage required by the product is 220 – 240 volt
  • The frequency of the product is 50 / 60 hz
  • The maximum speed of the blender is 21000 rpm.
  • The maximum speed of the bowl is 1900 rpm


  • The plastic of the product is durable and sturdy.
  • The Philips Daily Collection Food processor does not make noise when it is turned ON.
  • The user can easily operate the device and it works smoothly.
  • The jar and bowl have enough space to prepare the food by ingredients.
  • The soup and liquid products won’t leak from the Philips food processor due to the absence of the inner chimney shaft.
  • The blades are sharp enough to cut the vegetables into seconds.
  • The product has a warranty of 2 years.


  • The product does not come with a variety of blades.
  • It does not give the desired shape of the chopped vegetable. Sometimes, it might become a paste of vegetable rather than pieces.
  • The grating of the vegetable is very thin. It does not provide the desired size.

Philips Daily Collection HR7628/00 650-Watt Mini Food Processor (White)

which is best food processor

The Philips Daily Collection HR7628/00 food processor is an amazing product for whipping, whisking, grinding, and grating for the food ingredients to process the food in a better way. It is the best tool for whipping cream and emulsifying the eggs. This product has made the cooking and baking easy like never before. The great look of the product gives a sense of sophistication in the kitchen. The dressing on salads is easy to do with the use of this product. The easy control speed helps to create fluffiness by using the speed and pulse settings. Therefore, it offers the user to try on a maximum variety of recipes.

Physical Specification

  • The dimensions of the Philips Daily Collection food processor is 32 x 25.5 x 42 cm
  • The weight of the product is 2.9 kg
  • The long and sharp S blades help to chop the vegetables.
  • The blender jar is a break resistant jar and have the maximum capacity of 1.75 litres.

Technical Specification

  • The blade, cutting edge and the inner bowl provides a great chopping experience and has the Power chop technology
  • The Philips Daily Collection Food processor requires power of 650 watts.
  • The dual speed setting control and pulse setting helps to control the speed at the desired rpm.


  • The product has an amazing quality which is durable.
  • The jars and bowls are made up of great plastic which makes it unbreakable.
  • The Philips Daily Collection HR7628/00 food processor makes easy to chop off the vegetable with sharp blades.
  • The kneading is done properly, which reduces the cooking time.
  • The amazing white color of the product looks great in the kitchen.
  • The purees of the vegetables are easy to prepare.
  • The product has the warranty of two years.


  • The product does not mince the vegetable properly, which cause the difference in the taste.
  • The Philips Daily Collection HR7628/00 food processor makes the vegetables mushy and watery and forms the paste.
  • The product does not consist of any brush or spatula to remove the remaining food on the edges of the food processor.
  • There is no jar available for the grinding.

Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000-Watt Food Processor

high quality food processor

The Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000-Watt Food Processor consists of an amazing in-built locking system which ensures the safety of the user. The processing and mixing jar are locked and closed properly, which is the sign of efficient design. Sometimes, it is normal to notice smoke and noise but it gets over after time.

The main functions of the Morphy Richards Icon food processor consist of

  • Dry and Wet Grinding
  • Blending
  • Pureeing
  • Chopping or Slicing
  • Mixing
  • Mincing
  • Kneading
  • Liquidizing
  • Coarse Shredding
  • Fine grating
  • De-shelling
  • Citrus and Centrifugal Juicer

Well, that’s not enough, the product consist of 11 attachments which includes the following product:

  • Variomatic 7 Step Slicing
  • Coarse Shredding
  • Fine Grating
  • French fries
  • Large chutney jar for dry/wet grinding of soft spices, paste and chutney making
  • Unique Quadra flow square jars for dry/wet grinding
  • Big size transparent liquidizing jar
  • Citrus Juicer
  • Centrifugal Juicer
  • Atta Kneader
  • Chopping and Mincing

Physical Specification

  • The physical dimension of the product is 60 x 38.6 x 29.5 cm
  • The weight of the product is 7 kg
  • The blades are made up of stainless steel.
  • The life of the product is very long as it is durable enough.
  • The Square Jars has quadra flow technology, which is used for super fine grinding.
  • The maximum limit of jumbo size transparent processing bowl is 2.5 litres.
  • The product has an option of dual pusher which chooses the desired size of vegetable or fruits.
  • The Morphy Richards food processor has brushed square shaped metal body.

Technical Specification

  • The power consumed by the product is 1000 watts
  • The product by Morphy Richard food processor Unique variomatic 7 steps slicing blade.
  • The blades have different feature to slice the vegetables into 7 different sizes.
  • For the effective grinding, the jars are available which consist of long blades.


  • The Morphy Richards Icon food processor gives to flexibility to chop the veggie by offering slicing in different sizes
  • The heavy stainless steel jars are available.
  • The child safe interlocking system.
  • The food processor by Morphy Richards does not make any noise when it is switched ON.
  • The product is easy to handle.

What Features To Consider While Buying The Best Food Processor?

The food processors are all in one device, but it is really important to check  whether the product contains attachment such as jars and blades for  whipping the cream, perfectly chopping the nuts.

The product consists of various attachments which helps the customer to prepare their food in a better way.

Value For Money Of The Product

The product a customer is buying should be worthy of the value provided by the manufacturer.

The high cost of the product should consist every feature such as kneading, whisking, pureeing, chopping etc.

Space Of The Kitchen

If the user doesn’t have much space, then a mini chopper works well. They are smaller and cheaper than a food processor.

Unless, for the bulky food processor the user will require the large space in the kitchen and high budget too.

Warranty Of The Product

If the user is spending high amount of money, then they should be ensured about the warranty of the product. This might help them to distinguish between the products.

Sharper Blades And Unbreakable Plastic

The blender jars and  bowl should have enough space to prepare the food. It is important that the high quality of plastic is used so that it can work for a longer period of time.

The quality of the blades is also important. As, the whole function depends upon on those blades. They should be of stainless steel which does not corrode over time.

Dishwasher Safe Device

If the user has a dishwasher, then look for a product which is dishwasher safe. So, that it is easy to clean the remaining parts of the food ingredients in the device.

Check the instruction before washing with hot or cold water they might be sensitive

Dishwasher Safe Device

If the customer needs a great chopping experience, then it should consist of super chop technology which gives a superior chopping performance.

The S shaped, sharp blades helps to chop the veggies finely without destroying the taste.

Large Feeding Tube Of The Food Processor

It helps to chop the larger vegetable in seconds. The user doesn’t have to chop the larger vegetable into smaller pieces.

Power Consumption Of The Food Processor

The recommend power consumption of the food processor is around 600 watts. It won’t burn the product and completes its work perfectly.

Processor Capacity

The main food processor bowl should not be anything smaller than 1.4litres in capacity, and the range can reach up to 3litres. Think about what sort of jobs you would use the processor for most of the time, and choose the model based on the criteria. Although this criterion may not be 100% accurate, it does give you a picture of your choice. For example; if you are a family of only four people, how often would you need a 3litre capacity bowl?


Some processors give you the versatility of juicing as well while some have a bullet blender that enables carrying out different tasks at the same time. That is extremely time efficient, and although at first look this processor is pricier, in the long run, it will be worth it because you won’t need other gadgets.

Safety Features

Basic features are interlocking and non-slip feet. Check to see if the model of your choice has these features, of course; more safety virtues provide peace of mind.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Good Food Processor?

Here are the some reasons why a good food processor can be beneficial for the users and their day to day cooking activities.

  • The food processors help to process the food faster than anything. The versatility of the product offers a range of varieties such as chopping, grinding, mixing, etc with just a press of a button.
  • The good food processor may cost the user more, but it is required to check the life of the product and their attachments.
  • Least amount of time is consumed in the kitchen. It is the perfect product for those who spend their time in the kitchen in order to prepare the food. With a touch of a button the user gets the desired type of chopping in no time.
  • A food processor is just like a helping hand in the kitchen. The user doesn’t have to wait and use their hands to prepare the food. Just put down the ingredients in the processor and it is ready in few seconds.
  • The food processor is powerful and effective enough to chop the nuts or the toughest food into few seconds by consuming the least amount of power.
  • The life of the product is ensured in the good food processor.
  • The sharp blades and edges give a particular shape and desired amount of size to the minced vegetables.
  • The attachments available with the good food processor are just like the rescue for the problem.
  • The food processor is easy to wash, if it is dishwasher safe.

What Types Of Food Processors Are Available in India?

Food processors prove to be a helping hand in the kitchen. They are easy, quick and hassle free. It is designed to prepare the meal of the day. They help to prepare certain task like chopping, blending, grating and mixing within a short  span of time. Before buying a food processor, it is important to be ensured what  all features a user desired to have in the food processor. There are many food processors are available in the market of different brands with various prices. Here are the some points the customer need to keep in mind while buying the product.

There are three different choices when it comes to best food processors in india. Food choppers are limited in function; however, they are perfect for those who are limited in storage space and require only small batches to be processed at one time. The major disadvantage is that you cannot slice or shred items with this type of processor.

Hand-operated slicers and shredders are extremely affordable and perfect for preparing small quantities. However, they are limited in function as well. Multi function food processors also suffer from the same limitations.

Mid-range and large capacity food processors that are 7 cups or higher offer more versatility in food preparation. Large capacity processors perform best when making bread and large quantities of food.

New models are available in 3 different sizes

  1. A Full size
  2. The Compact size
  3. A Mini size

Basic parts are the same which contain some additional components. Full sized models usually consist of heavy and large, powerful motors whose weight is almost 9kg that gives the product more stability and make sure that the power will not tremble while its working.

In earlier years the product was only made of hard plastic, but now in today's world, there is a variety of colors and materials like metal and plastic with various designs.

A shaft extends upwards from the motor to the power attachments. The durable and reliable bowl fits on this shaft. The top of the bowl is covered with a lockable lid.

The top of this machine has the food tube which is fitted along with the plunger. One can embed nourishment in the gadget with the help of this food tube. A few models have more extensive and narrower food tubes for utilization with bigger and littler sustenance things. The span of the dish differs as per the extent of the food processor.

Ways To Use Your Food Processor

Using Food Processor Shredding

You can do this with one of the blade attachments, and it is excellent for shredding cheese. If you use recipes which use shredded cheese then making your own will make those recipes taste a lot better. Freshly shredded cheese tastes better than store bought shredded cheese and it only takes a few seconds to shred your own. Try using your shredded cheese on pizza or lasagna. You can also shred leftover meats and use them in other recipes as well.

Chopping With Food Processor Chopping

This is probably one of the better-known uses for a food processor, and it is fast. If you spend a much time on chopping up food to use in recipes, you might be surprised at how much time you can save. All you need to do is feed large chunks of vegetables or fruits into the processor and in a few seconds they will be perfectly chopped.

Slicing With Food Processor Slicing

You use one of the blade attachments for this and simply feed large pieces into the processor and in a matter of seconds, you can have enough potato slices, for example, to make a large potato bake. You can do the same with apples, and they are chopped and ready for making a pie or cooking up ready for making homemade apple sauce.

Pureeing With Food Processor Pureeing

If you place your cooked and cooled apple slices into the processor, you can puree them into apple sauce in seconds, adding a little liquid through the lid to reach the perfect consistency. You can do this with cooked chickpeas too, and add some minced garlic and lemon juice through the lid, to bring your humus to the correct consistency too.

Mixing With Food Processor Mixing

You can mix dry ingredients too, such as you would do with a cake and add in the wet ingredients slowly through the lid of the processor for the best cake batter consistency. You can start out on a low speed and then beat the mix on a higher speed for the best results.

Grating With Food Processor Grating

Grating potatoes, carrots, apples or anything else for that matter is very time consuming when you do it by hand. However, when you set up your food processor with the correct blade, it is done in the blink of an eye. Cooking becomes a pleasure when the preparation is this fast.

Soup Making With A Food Processor Soups

Part of what food processors do includes turning all the vegetables in your soup into a perfectly blended puree, to which you can then add the cooled liquid. When processed, you will have a perfectly smooth soup, full of nutrients and no chewy bits, which is great for fussy children.

Sauces With Food Processor Sauces

In addition to the applesauce we mentioned above, you can also do things like make your salad dressings and mayonnaise. There are thousands of recipes, just those from most Asian cookery covers hundreds if not thousands.

Whipping With A Food Processor Whipping

This attachment is perfect for whipping cream and making scrambled eggs. You might be starting to realize by now that having a food processor can replace several other kitchen appliances. Though it could look a little bulkier, some replace some if not all other cooking appliances for most modern kitchen

Kneading With Food Processor Bread and Dough

This is one of my favorites, and the food processor does a beautiful job of mixing and kneading. The oven does the rest. You can make dough for pizza too and then use your homemade tomato sauce and shredded cheese, as well as chopped vegetables and meats you have processed in your food processor as well.

Ice Cream Mixes With A Food Processor Ice Cream

Another favorite, you need to have fresh fruit and freeze it, like bananas, strawberries or mangoes, etc. You put the frozen fruit pieces in the food processor and pulse until it is all broken down, then add in a few dollops of natural yogurt and puree it. Instant, soft serve, natural fruit ice-cream is yours for the eating.

How To Clean A Food Processor

It’s great having a food processor and enjoying all the benefits it can bring to your kitchen and meal plans. However, many people find that the effort of cleaning up afterward can be daunting. In fact, it can stop you from using the food processor if you are not able to factor in a process which can take the sting out of it. Not only will you find the cleaning up process easier, but you will also be extending the life of your food processor. There are so many excellent food processor recipes available that it would be a shame not to use your processor to its full capacity, just because cleaning it is a chore.</div>

Know Where To Begin When Cleaning A Food Processor

The first thing you need to do it that you need to build in the cleaning process to your food processor usage. That is to say, don’t leave it until later when food is dried and stuck onto the removable parts. Not only will it be harder and more time consuming to clean off, but it can also shorten the life of your processor.

How to Clean a Food Processor Say, for example, you are using a small food processor to dice up onions and garlic, and you happily do this because the chopper, of course, does it in literally seconds. Your next step might be to fry up those ingredients in preparation for a bolognese sauce for example. If you stop right there before you start in with the frying, you could have that chopper rinsed off in a lovely bowl of warm soapy water you have already prepared.

This just means you are cleaning up as you go and saving yourself the problem of fishing out tiny pieces of dried onion and garlic from your chopper later on. You can have it washed and dried in about 30 seconds if you do it now and be ready to use it for something else a little later on. This is probably the biggest favor you can do for yourself when it comes to cleaning your food processor, and it is a necessary process with even the Best Food Processors on the Indian market .

Best Practice To Cleaning A Food Processor

Cleaning a Food Processor, Even a large food processor is a compact food processor when you consider its design. The base and motor are generally on the bottom, and you add work bowls with attachments over the top. This little routine, which is also easy to follow, will make the process painless regardless of the size of your food processor. Once you have unplugged your food processor from its power source, quickly pull down the removable parts. This is usually the bowl and its lid, as well as the blades and attachments you have used. Simply wash them in some warm water and mild detergent to remove all the tiny pieces of food, then rinse and dry them.

The blades are always sharp. However, they require more care than other removable parts because you want them to remain sharp and in tip-top condition. Please don’t use anything abrasive to clean your food processor and it will last a lot longer. A great tip is to keep a small nylon bristled vegetable brush specifically for this purpose because it provides a quick an easy way of removing food particles without an abrasive effect.

Most dishwasher removable parts are also dishwasher safe, so a quick rinse to remove food particles and onto the top shelf for washing is another way to accomplish the task. That just leaves the base to take care of, and it only requires a quick wipe down. On the off chance, there are food stains on the base, a wipe with mild detergent or perhaps a baking soda past will remove them. You never put this into the water of course, but you probably know that.

If you are cleaning the parts by hand, keep a kitchen dishtowel close by the lay the parts on after you have rinsed them under hot water. All that remains is to dry all the parts, and this is important regarding doing everything in your power to ensure your food processor has a long and useful life. After everything is completely dried, you can put it all back together again. Store you food processor on your kitchen counter if possible because this will make it easy for you to use it often.


  • Blend fixings to make juices, sauces, soups and purees. You can likewise make breakfast spreads and nibble dips.

  • Chop products of the soil to make mixed greens and salsas. Initially, cleave the fixings that you need finely cleaved and afterward include things that you need in bigger pieces.

  • Make burger patties and meat spreads by crushing meat. A few kind of meats can be exceptionally hard to crush and need to cut into little pieces before being included in the sustenance processor.

  • Grind nuts so they can sprinkle over frozen yogurt, greens, and different suppliers.

  • Shred cheddar to make pizzas, enchiladas, and other many things. This can spare a lot of expense contrasted with acquiring destroyed cheddar from stores.


Just a press of a button, the user can get the finely chopped vegetables and nuts. It is important to check out what are the user requirements and the features of the product. If it matches, then the product is worth the amount the user spent it on. It is important to consider all of the above points, before buying the product. Check the warranty and attachments available with the product. The technology of processing food proves to be beneficial for the users. It won’t be boring to chop the vegetables now. The Best Food Processors For Indian Cooking made easy and fun.


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