Are you on a quest for the coolest and amazing bicycling accessories? Then Read on to explore the top 5 bike accessories for cyclists in 2016 that can make your ride better, fun and safer.

  • Wireless Bicycle Odometer

Wireless Cycle Odometer

A bicycle odometer comes with everything that every cyclist requires such as a wireless sensor, pad, battery, wired remote control, magnet and zip ties to mount the main unit to your bicycle. Modern odometers are contemporary & have advanced wireless system with an easy-to-read LCD display. They are small-sized, light weight, multi-functional and their waterproof design makes them extremely handy and sturdy.

It is apt for mounting onto all kinds of bicycles such as folding bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes and many other types of bikes. The odometer is an important accessory as it shows information such as current speed, maximum speed, total distance, elapsed time and even trip distance. Hence you are able to easily understand about your cycling workout and use the information to plan your trip ahead.

  • Master Lock

Cycle Master Lock

A master lock compact cable lock is an ideal solution for guarding your bicycle, ATV and any other valuables from theft. It offers an amazing blend of locking mechanisms for keyless expediency. It has flexible steel cables for sturdy cut resistance and preset combination and its vinyl coating assists in preventing it from scratching. It is an apt solution for sports equipments, ladders, bicycles, skateboards, tool boxes and gates. It could be used indoors or outdoors. The combination can be effortlessly altered and reset as being required and with its lock body ergonomically designed for user-friendliness and amplified strength.

The master cable lock is really useful when you want to park your cycle completely unguarded at the campsites. It saves the fear of getting your priced possession stolen and gives you a peace of mind.

  • Bike Repair Tool Kit

Cycle Tool Kit

When you are out for a bike ride then, you have to get equipped in case you need to fix a flat tire, tighten a loose bolt or repair a broken chain. A well-chosen bike repair tool kit can act as a saviour if you come across aforementioned problems, as it will help you keep your bike running properly, make necessary adjustments to enhance its performance, repair your bike if it breaks and make your ride more comfy and fun.

While going on the long single-day rides and multi-day trips, specifically in the areas where repair shops and other necessary facilities are not handily available, it is wise to carry a huge supply of bike repair tools. Fortunately, the latest bicycles are tailored so that the riders require using a fairly small number of basic tools for making general repairs & adjustments.

What tools you require depends totally on the hindrances of the road you will be riding on and how nearby the route is to people with mechanical skills. If you are a newbie cyclist then, you can commence with just the basics and then add tools slowly as you garner more experience and begin planning for even more adventurous rides.

  • Phone Mount

Cycle Phone Mount

Regardless of where you are cycling around the city or are adventuring in the wild, the bicycle phone mount is certainly your first choice to hold and protect your smartphone and other devices while you are cycling. The non-slip rubber grip cradles of bicycle phone mount protects your device constantly to keep it safe from any accidental falls. It also exhibits the best viewing angle on the bicycle handlebars and keeps your device in reach always.

It allows riders to fly into the wind without letting their phone fly out of their pocket as the phone mounts make use of clamp-and-clip holders for phones or GPS. Most phone mounts have a 360 degree rotatable holder which allows you to find the right viewing angle for you. As an avid cyclist, phone mount is one of the most important and must to have accessories as it helps in keeping your phone or GPS devices safe and secure from any accidental drop.

  • Bike Saddle BagCycle Saddle Bag

It is a mini design bike saddle bag that helps the rider to store few small and useful stuff such as small cell phone, keys, small purse and much more. Its aerodynamic wedge shape allows this under bike seat packs fall effortlessly due to the wind while the internal pockets keep the tools away from internal tubes and other subtle items. Most bike saddle bags comes with proprietary fast-release mounting system which enables prompt and effortless tool-free mounting and exclusion of equipped lights, bags, tools and accessories.

It’s one of the smallest bicycle accessory but can be a life saver when you are on a long trip to a far-away location. So the next time you are on a trip make sure to get your bike a saddle bag and fill it with all the essentials, from a small repair kit, a spare tube or even an energy bar.

The aforementioned technological strides have been created for cyclists in 2016, making this year to swag out your bicycle and it can be almost as high tech as your latest devices.